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Hello World!

Welcome to M*Ber Dream.

In this space, we learn to look at the world in the truth as it is, A beautiful and self adjusting and sustaining magnificence. We learn to see ourselves as we truly are through a poetic lens and the way to our best by Embracing and accepting each and every emotion that calls to and from us on the daily. In this we find that which is our power to live our best lives.

We will learn to Listen to ourselves and to also break down the meanings in the refection that is shown to us daily, called our reality. I do lean towards My God, Our Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit but not in a way I AM out to force such in any way.

We will realize our God-given power in how we can take hold and Create the better not just for our own reality, our world as a whole as well.

I Am just a woman who has found her way through her darkness to only, as a human, fall and fall again, so I too am still learning to succeed. We shall learn together and Rise not just to what is deemed the Heavens one day but also in the ability and wonders that is Our Life, Here and Now.

Here we will shift our focus from where we have been taught and forced to look upon such as doom and gloom and we will Create by Welcoming In the Light that is Within each of Us and Shining it Again and Again.

With Love Lets Begin,




It is all within us, a treasure cove of all that we need. We just have to be willing to start digging.

With Love as We Again, Start This Journey,





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