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Slip on Through the Cracks.

I fall such as a blossom from a tree
Only to
Descend upon an arrangement of such tranquility;
An arrangement of such breath of fresh air
Such delicious beauty dissolved to all I Am…
Pure Melodic Flare

I descend to the ground
In hopes that
just maybe…
You will finally see
Sit there and stare
Whisper into the heart of me

My voice has been calling to you,
Pleading for you to not despair,
As it has been this heart Open to you
All along
So, now be aware.

Embrace me
Sing to and dance with me
All upon a sea of stars
All upon a whirl
As it is there
We shall Be Free and no longer wish
Of Happiness
Of Smiles…
To finally Realize that such Beauty will always remains ours.

I am a little rusty and sloppy on this new start so forgive and stick with me. It will all come together somehow.

To step into a room, lights all a glow, glistening down upon that face of yours. To dampen the sound of heightened deliciousness and flush out the melancholy chaos of all that thwarts your inner lining of what is deemed softness; the cry of love as it falls, the cry of love as it is struck by an array of crescent moons pouring out over the peaceful strum of eternity. This is your moment to surrender.

Ignite the light, we are told, yet; in that moment we choose to shine and reveal all that is hidden and buried within us as we feel broken, we are full of cracks. We are told to shut up and hide our good away as well, (our gift of ever-loving, ever-tender rising purpose) we are told that all that is our truth, our beauty, is just too much for most to handle, maybe even too much to swallow without unintentionally drowning the world…when honestly the truth is that it is our grasp and ease within our beauty that makes us that much more difficult to control. It is our eyes wide open and our hearts syncing beats that leave us a force to be reckoned with and so they attempt to diffuse us somehow.

It is the human mind that yearns to control (when fed this way) all that is and all that can be and in any such so-called loss of power, discord is intensified and well, wars are engaged, first internally then externally. These wars may very well be in the physical sense as we see such as country vs country, man vs man…but the wars in which I speak of are the very beginning of all that erupts from internal discord. This is the seed as well as the conception of total destruction within one’s self and in allowing such chaos entry to not only one’s mind but also one’s body…war is enthralled as to such chaos, war is the remedy, war is the prescription written by that which we deem wise…our mind.

The penetrating seed to all of this, that sparks such dark is fear. Fear building upon itself and slowly drowning the light that we are as we allow it. Maybe not intentionally always, as darkness has a game at play that can confuse and sway the greatest of minds it seems.

When fed a multitude of fear propaganda, our mind first pulls back the reins on our lives leading us to want to just cower and hide but there is always a breaking point in each of us as to how much we can endure. When we feel fear, bitterness, anger, etc. this is our body reacting and resisting such that is not part of who we truly are. So, in short time, we take back the control and in full light we set our world aflame, leaving everything as ash only to be reborn and risen again.

The people who remain in control of their lives by way of tending to their hearts and quieting more the banter of their minds, are the world’s biggest threat…at least to those who continue to live by their ego and desire to control all that is outside self as well, their most inner workings remain shattered, scarred, and torn therefore they truly are weak.

It may feel as though we are living helplessly during these times but we are not. As long as we keep our hearts aligned and syncing beats and reminding ourselves that again we win, we will as we already have again, because HE already had for us all long ago.

All this fear and push is the inner workings of those attempting to control as there is only danger and fear that resides within them. Projection at its best is being played out but we have in us such that is the light to end it all and we HAVE, we always will.

It is very manipulative and narcissistic the games they attempt to play on us and having lived such things in my life outside this, it can very easily swoop many in, confuse them, and in the end control them as all that is light is removed or hindered in some way and we lose sight of our own inner brightness as we forget who we are and are told assigned new identities and we know not else what to do so we listen and follow along to keep the peace.

We are FREE here in this world as we came from HIM who is FREE, we came installed with such that is the LIGHT that wipes any such darkness out of sight. We were sent here in part to use our light in our best ways and keep the forces against such far away but we lost our way at some point but we are now making our way back in what is Our Full Force Again.

The more we shine, the more we rise. It seems simplistic, but look deeply. If you notice, they want it all complicated such as constantly changing the status of what it is to be fu…lly v-a-x- inated. From Lo cked down to free dom again and back and forth again. Spin spin spin.

They seek to twist and confuse our minds as they continuously attempt to dim all that can be our source of light. Have you noticed the skies lately? Think about it.

Anyways…NONE of it matters, what they attempt to feed us and slam down our throats. Nothing matters in the reality that we believe we have lived already as we can always rewrite and start new. I am sorry again if you have suffered and if you have lost anyone over this time but one thing that is constant despite anything we endure is that life goes on whether we resist or sing along. It can be disheartening at first for sure, but like me with my kids, you have to find something outside of yourself that gives you reason to live, to rise again and again.

I know not everyone thinks like I do and I respect this but to try to turn the page on this to a new and better for us all is not going to happen if we remain in a place of fear.

YOU Are Beautiful and Far More Powerful then you know. We, during this time, hopefully are witnessing at least pieces that prove this and as long as we keep our eyes open and creating the greatness that we all deserve, we will see this.

It is we who are to become aware of all the cracks in the system and shine our light on through despite the attempts from them to keep us stuck. Dismantled they are because of us finding who we truly are.

You cannot hate the hate away just as you cannot fear the fear away.
Love. This is all.
Keep going or start now.

M*Ber Dream


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