Find Bliss & Rise

Full Bloom
Igniting the Rays of the Sun
and those of the Moon

Yet, you question your worth on even living the life you have been granted
you question your purpose and even your ability
you dream in such a way that only awake each day to the same old pain
Despite your cries,
despite your bitterness and resistance tides
You succumb to the push and drown and die
as you held your eyes closed
in fear to see what already stood here

the key you always searched for
the answer you always screamed out for
to all that is good in your life
your beauty
your light.

Before you start to read (I advise like me writing) to play the song Wait by M83 as it is most melodic and flows nicely when read accordingly.

Gonna keep flowing this no edit thing and see how I do. I AM Too tired to look back anyhow and gonna take a nap. 😉

Despite the pain and all the loss and fear that has been these past years, there Is No Time.
Inspired now by the song Wait by M83. (Such and amazing song btw!)
This song pulls me in by the whole and drenches me in a rain that cleanses and nourishes me as well.
This song pulls out from me the pieces of EMBER that I had long forgotten and with the sparks remaining I AM called to Light my Flame Again.
To SHine Brightly for the World to Follow and Their sorrows, to let go.
I AM called by the highest of high to Paint a path for you all, and you are welcome to chisel out your own curves and turns and even tree lined beauty.

To each our own path, a path that only ever circles around and you are found back at home again.

One destination for us all yet here we have been taught to believe that there is ever a great divide.

Divide among the good souls and the bad, the angels who have risen and those fallen as though there is No Time to ever turn the clock back again or in a moment make a new decision and take the hand of all we ever let go of yet, truly and deeply in every part of who we are, always wanted.

Those our heart synced in absolute perfection with and we ran away from, a song has continued playing and always will. Just as those who we have loved that have passed away, our connection will never be lost nor even fade out.

We are told this is the end, I repeat again, but it is not the end, it is just a new beginning. I cannot answer for your pain or your losses. I have my way of believing that all will be returned as I do believe we are never separated but I am not here to offend anyone, I just have my way I have found in beleiving. I still miss my brother who passed years ago despite me believing the way I do as I know It Is Not The Same as them being HERE. But again, I will say I Believe as I have a voice and was born to write and speak.

I was born to LOVE and SHARE and GLOW and be a softness upon which many may find their place to fall, even if only upon the words across a page, or a dream that is sparked from the flame they read anygiven day.

I have been returned here as a vessel of sorts that despite my own fears and pain, I AM to be of LIGHT and Uplift in the ways I can. I was given a gift, more than once, and I must serve it.

I Have purpose. Say this with me, please. AS YOU DO. WE ALL DO and there is NO TIME to grasp a hold of this God Given Truth as the Time Is Now.

We are not to be defeated as we HAVE ALREADY WON. Remember this and fall softly by my side and I will take Your Hand and together We shall DANCE and CELEBRATE this Light Given to Us and the Blessing of Undoing all the damage we could have ever done to ourselves and anyone else.

There is no time as the time is now to SYNC UP YOUR HEART for the GREATER GOOD of all and rid yourself of this damn me only mentality. Think of your Heart for a second. When does it ever have a choice to sit one out?

You are great, yes, you are, and you deserve the life that is of all the most amazing pieces that reflect only back to you this beauty that you remain, this beauty that you are.

You are NOT FRAIL nor are you some kind of damn victim so trash that bullshit already. You are damn strong and proud in this Being that IS You and This Light that has been extended to You by the light of a trillion stars. Your Soul is an amazing Soul and Your Light is Most Awesome, my friend.

You realized long ago who you are and now you run WITH this and you run far…not away like you had before but into the arms of the greatest love that has awaited you for all eternity so far. There is no need for internal healing or inner child healing or any othe healing as YOU ARE READY and HAVE BEEN and the proof is that YOU ARE HERE in this moment right along a trillion others stars and a never-ending playlist of the most beautiful and heart syncing songs.

You are beyond worthy of the greatest gifts and the greatest love and the most delicate and soft heart and arms to fall into. You, just like I have a place to RUN fast and Run wild to and collapse to your knees in praise of HE who has offered and provided all of this for you.

It has been here all along My Love, it has been WITHIN you and the sun and moon and the stars up above. It has been in each breath and each heart beat and each moment shared and each memory etched in this creation that is you.
It is in each “I love You” and even the “I hate you” as well as each being just a reflection of a plea for love in return, a call from those hungry and the burst of lava that finally builds up so fiercely and flows.

They, they know who they are, can push against us, rise against us, banish us, lock us down and deprive us, keep our family from us and forever separate us but we are beyond their tactics as we are a love that continues to spark the greatest of light and overflow.

We Are Epic Waterfalls!

We are not without our own darkness, no. We have seen it, we have lived it, and at moments been defeated by it, and we damn arose again and that is what we do, WE RISE. We have battle scars that we wear proudly, we have shed the blood that this Earth calls for in moments we see only the night and forget our buried bright and we RISE time and time again, WE RISE. Because of Him my friend.

We are amazing and mesmerizing and a symphony…a blissed out rockin symphony. One that rings out across the world and on through the universe, syncing all the beats that we can to look into one another’s eyes and hold out hands, to remind each and every one of us that we are never alone, we Have Risen as HE has Risen Within Us and We Are More Powerful then all that darkness is combined.

We awaken the dead just as I was awakened and called to return through prayer, through the tears of those I had not even realized gave a shit or cared. Some I felt should have laughed and wished me away as I had abandoned and let them go for reasons at the time I did not understand and did not know, some I even used without realizing the toxic threading that has taken hold.

We all have been to a place where we became our darkness. We became abusers in certain ways, and we became the enabler, and yes, we became the victim. We became the thief and we became the liar. We became the lonely and yes, we became the abandon-er.

We are To Turn the LIGHTS ON. THIS IS ALL.
Ignite All that YOU ARE in any way you can. If you FEEL lost connect with others and raise the high beams as we are coming out full force and this, they will learn is indeed Our Reality, OUR CHOSEN REALITY and Our Right.

We love and we share and we enjoy and celebrate and we at some point are called and learn to Fall to Our knees and GIVE PRAISE and in these moments, we more deeply understand the purpose we have been handed.

YOU BELIEVE TO SEE IT, you have to understand. Much of everything we have been taught is a lie. The truth is honestly through the music, through the movies that so many think is merely entertainment. We are mocked and made fun of as there are many who have at one time not understood the depths of it all but more and more RISE and Together, We have ended this whole scam.

There is no time, there truly is no such thing as time as all is a damn illusion to create separation between us and our ability to share and breathe and grow.

We are NOT saved by turning ourselves off. We are not saved by burying ourselves or remaining hidden in some far off hole. We Only Rise when we ALLOW Our light and when we march to the beat of our own drum and sync with others all in the name of love and THIS is the MOMENT We SAVE OURSELVES THROUGH HIM.

Ok, this came out of nowhere. If it sounds ridiculous I have no care. This is 2 posts for today so I Am Blissed Out.

I AM just here to keep pushing myself to SHINE in the ways I can, even in my sleep deprived state, as I CAN.
Song by song, lyric by lyric, my past and future intertwined and my HEART Aligned, all to do my part to pave the way for a future wonderful and of the light for not just my kids, but the world.

We All Deserve the Light as Truly This Is Who We Are.
What is Your Song of THIS Moment? Do Share.

Love Here and Beyond, Within and Throughout, For Always,


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