We Do Not Break

Moonlit crimson
Showering me like beauty that ignites
The slightest happy vibe
To drown in the epiphany of delight
To know now that I AM stunning and everlasting joyful light
The ever-unfolding of all that is in this world as glee
I AM the electric engaged chorus struck in a symphony… of softness and yes, at times rage
The electric Holiness within that only I can activate

So, you know those nights where you hardly can sleep and wake fully in under 4 hours? Yeah, well, that is me right now. This shall be a fun day I hope. Ha!
Ok, I have my Cough Syrup on and trying to ignite this fire even brighter and higher within me. I guess I am taking full advantage as at this time, I have no other distractions so lets see how this flows.

I have been listening to my audios during sleep but have yet to fully record my own yet. I have had a certain resistance in me to complete the task and I have yet to learn why. Anyways, for those who do not know of audios, I am referring to binaural or Solfeggio frequencies Over-layed with me speaking my dreams to life. Speaking as IF all IS as I Desire. I AM.

Anyways, I am on about day 15 and it is said it takes 21 days to CREATE change so we will see what SHIFTS within me and My Life, My World. So far though I have been able to push these posts out despite being messy so that is a shift in me that is positive.

I love having the poetic sense when it comes to Creating my audio scripts as well as it comes pretty natural to create my scripts. It is quite delightful. Turn my beats on and the spout of deliciousness is turned on to overflow from me. I AM most Awesome Indeed as ARE YOU. Time to start building yourself too.

I am going to be honest here again as I FEEL it. I can be so easily caught up in the rush of negativity as in focusing too much upon it. I have learned to control this deeply but again, I AM human and I slip up at times and fall again. Not too often at all now which has me questioning all I have learned on this creation truth as the past couple of years have truly been Fd. I question why I have sucked ass at bringing about much of what I desire despite me knowing how easy it can be and I Am brought to write again and I reveal it to myself again. Reading above you see how I referred to the past couple years as Fd and well, this is a piece to its continuance in my life. On top of this, I am reminded too that while I may CREATE my own reality, no other has to play the part for me and I would not want any to as I want My Vibe to attract My Tribe. There are those who will be attracted to help one in creating a reality but again, right now, everyone is kind of in soul shock. What has taken place has been HUGE and in a moment of a Big Collective Shift like this (again like my injury and only important processes remaining turned fully on for survival) the same goes for Creation, this World, the Greater for ALL is dominant here I Believe. We just have to stay focused as best as we can and Believe it on in with Love.

Honestly, I have been blessed to have gotten through as good as I have despite the outside world and the collective fear. I AM thankful for the timeline in how my life played according to the subtle hints on into the abrupt changes and I will say that part of this is because of me already having been listening to my own audio sleep recordings and building on the shift WITHIN myself.

I Shifted and Stirred a change Within before the collective, or world shifted and had to change. Also, on top of this, I had been pre-programmed for such a tragic change as per my injury and the long-term effects from that in how it shifted and changed all I knew and lived. To be stripped of everything you knew in a moment and for what you believed closest to be nowhere found, you learn new ways and build power in yourself that you may be on your own but you are not alone.

For that, I Am thankful as when my kids became sick at the very start and bedridden, I was strong and focused and did not break nor fail following the path to their recovery. I Was My Mom as their mom and I Was and Remain very proud of that. We do not break until after All Is Ok. 😉

So…my audios are pretty simple. Many websites discuss such things and there is even what is called sleep hypnosis which can be in the same family I suppose. I just not only fall asleep to my audios but also allow them to play out for a few hours as I go through my different sleep stages. Each stage of sleep is drenched by my desires (MY NOW) in a different way and all are beneficial. All people teaching such will suggest differently but you find what world best for you with trial and error.

This is one of the great ways we can take back full power of our brains, our lives, as WE ARE the Boss, not the other way around. Also by doing it through sleep, you override the resistance one typically receives in the day in speaking anything positive especially about the self. Through sleep, you are able to take advantage of the CLAY that is your mind and MOLD it in the way you choose.

Many people Believe that to Dream is To Sleep when I say To Dream is To Be Awake. My quote from me in my high school year book actually was “To Dream is to Bring Divine Ripeness to the Mind.” I think I knew what I am speaking of now long before I even understood what I knew.

Now, we can use an audio for at least 21 days to create change within ourselves. You will want to create an array of audios for all areas of your life. Many say to stick to one thing at a time but I have never had a problem bouncing all across the board as I can and still manifesting things I desire but I will admit the more spread out your desires, the more time IT MAY take to bring them to Your Reality.

The moments I focused on a single desire and ran wild with it, it came in under a couple months if that long at most. Now, it is all dependent on YOU and what you hold in the many files within your mind as per trauma, etc. and how much resistance YOU, have to any change. Also, the force of the Desire within you can push it forward or kill it. If you are not HIGH over your desired, it may never come, so may want to rethink such Desires to see if you truly want such.

I was FORCED into change and FORCED to accept and adapt to a new reality so I cannot speak for you personally. I actually think the word forced is too harsh, as I believe God and I had an agreement in some way for my wild ride. Ouch! Haha!

Again, I Am just sharing what has helped me in most ways though I will admit that it has not worked every-time.

We are still up against the collective and individual desires across the universe and the conditions of the world, our current personal lives and environments, etc. . It can be hard to keep deeply focused on a single thing with no fault with so much going on. We can all have what we want but many think that this can work on a certain person as well. We all have God-given Free Will, so it depends on how a certain person FEELS about you personally and IF their Desires line up with your own. Part of that FEELING towards you is very much in if Your Desires Line up or not. Again, Like Attracts Like.

There is no Forcing anything from our standpoint here. Force such that happened with me due to my injury, was Forced in a way but again my path lined up with it and I was asking for it honestly in many ways so I desired it very much just not in the way it actually occurred and the end it caused. It may have ended my life but not like I had (at that time) hoped.

Like attracts like and energy and frequencies attract one another as well. Like an algorithm of sorts honestly. Whatever We Focus upon, we will in return receive more of such to indeed focus more upon, and live and either enjoy or resist and in both cases, continuously create a loop, a circle that never ends. Groundhog Day anyone?

So, do pay great attention to the accumulation of your thoughts and the events and people in your life, the movies and shows you consume and the music you allow to spark any such emotions in you, as you will be guided greatly on what you need to keep or throw out as per your FOCUS.

LOOK at all of the things in your life on any and every day and line them up with what you desire to have and see if they do or if they are deeply mismatched.

Then you can, like myself, over pay attention and over focus and over-do your processes like audios and such and overwhelm the system and wind up stuck in a place or within a FEELING that you really do not want. Again though, I AM where I AM for a reason greater than I know as I know my kids and I are protected.

Again, It Is You that Gives the Meaning to Everything. Your Heart either Vibes or it goes completely numb or flutters and well, at times dies to any and everything within life. And such as life, the ever-constant flow of change, our thoughts as well as our beliefs, our tastes and our choices, our loves and our hates can always shift and change when WE DECIDE.

I laugh at myself sometimes as well, right now all of this shit is being spoken of about what is to come. There is talk of such that it is the end times and well, very much spoken about in the Prophecies of the Bible but I know God and I know we are not on His timing. I know also that the Bible always changes and so can the timing of all things by God’s hand and His Desire and YES Our Shifts in Our Personal Faith and Belief.

I may get a shutter in a moment that I want to fall into fear of all that is occurring but the next moment, I Am focused on the GOOD. I have to KEEP FOCUSED on the GOOD as I taught my kids this and they do not ALLOW me to shift on this. I make things worse for them focused on the wrong things and I refuse to do that to them. My daughter, who is the voice I never had growing up, reminds me all too often to shift. My son is a little more pessimistic but I AM his light in the storm it seems and so I have to keep shining bright. I AM Inspired by my kids and this is why I never give up. Have you found your person or your thing that makes you want to be better, be your best self, your truest self?

Well, this is just a checking in for now to keep myself going here. . I am surprised by how many posts I have up already so cannot stop now.

I hope I did not lose you within my writing like I always lose myself. I am braving it though and not gonna proof it and share. Got to keep going. Ha!

I will share again later I Believe, more on CREATING what you want and too, RISING along with Our New World by way of the Light. As I Know we are not going back to the old ways again.

Dust of Stars We Are,

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