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Quick Update

Roses that scale the edges of the path

not without thorns that prick

not without thorns that pierce and cut on through

when one is not paying attention that is.

My heart is synced

The Beats are apparent

and I AM on the path

once again

To Rise

To Make Complete

another piece

of this Dream

This is just a quick update as I have been asked and now have a moment to post.

It HAS been scary, I WILL admit. I mean, I have kids to keep shelter for and support and I was on the ledge of failing AGAIN!

I question and many others do as well, why I have remained in a town that seems so dead set against me succeeding. Honestly, I have questioned this as well, but truly it came down to me not wanting to uproot my kids again despite my better instincts most times.

I have went against much of all I know, I have ignored the voice I should have been listening to all along and well, now here I AM.


there is no lesson not worth learning I feel in what we call this life.

I AM Stronger because of all I have had to endure, and despite me having wanted to cuddle and protect my kids from life’s hits, I learned very fast that they would better suited to walk their own paths by growing and having to endure through the blows that were delivered.

They are better taught by experiencing it is said, but too, in witnessing a parent of parents endure and break through time and time again no matter.

I AM not there yet, but well on my way. I have received a most wanted and most needed call this am. and a landlord is willing to work with me (as I truly do not qualify) to wait it out a week to see if I am able to get help for the deposit and such which I AM sure I will as well, I AM not in control here…HE IS and I Am now witnessing this again.

It will all come through as I Believed. Though I wanted to throw in my towel and give up the reality became all too real when my kids went to stay with their dad while I figured the rest out with moving, filling up my new storage, and finding again STABILITY.

It has been sad for me, it has but I AM pushing through as well, I have to…NO OTHER OPTION.

WIth Love,





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