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No Time

Only writing to slightly update and apologize.

I am unable to move into my new place until this Friday. I have been called about 20 minutes further up the hill from where I AM as no other options fell into place for my kids and I.

A lot has been happening. 2 hospital trips now with no found problems yet, my new landlady says I may very well indeed have a blood clot. So…have to get more opinions soon and get this move into place.

STRESS STRESS STRESS. Yes, it is disgusting and very, very ugly but I Am having to endure it and push on through.

Not much relief as of now but this is part of the experience called life.

It is not always roses without thorns ya know. You just learn to tread in a different and lighter way to keep mostly clear of any such pricks…literally. lol

Learning and here is a time for honesty as well…I AM not without pain or the vulnerability to be hurt or even scarred as I have. I DO FEEL a lot, yes, and I have been lucky for at least close to the 20 that I have lived since my injury in steering clear of any real problems but in times of stress, all you have lived can catch up to you real fast, so I AM learning again to LISTEN to my body, as well as My Lord, and well, dance again.

I will get there. We all will.

Do your best to not get caught up in the news of the world today as harsh and scary as it may all seem. Life never stops, and neither should we. Keep splashing that glow about and steer this car to a new and better place.

Much Love,




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