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Dark may appear

It may grasp one’s hand and request to play or demand an extended stay

Paralyze the flow of Blood

Numb the rhythm in all your syncing beats

Yet, truth be told

Dark has no existence without the light

So, shine on all the more

Ignite each and every path that you are laid to endure

Just know you can never bury it

As in time

All that is of the dark will rise again

Just remember you always have a flashlight in hand

A rhythmic heart beat that truly never ends.

Hello There.

I have been trying to post my last story to my website at and well, it has not been allowing me to use the editor to do-so the past few days. I have no clue what is going on but at the moment, I cannot take the time to find the remedy even though I very much want to.

I have to keep the momentum going for my move which is today. The start at least.

I am not sure when all of my services will be fully connected again but hopefully very soon if not, today. I just know that my emotions are starting to get the best of me.

My leg has continued to FEEL better but still has a spot that is pulsing and aching so unsure what that means. Dr is ordering numerous tests, so hopefully the cause is found and is something not to worry about.

No matter, I have a job to do and that sis to get moved and stable again. Stable in a world that wants to scream that nothing is of the sort right now.

No matter again, as I have to lean into God, My Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and just trust which has always been my hardest struggle. I thought I learned after my injury all those 20 years ago, but having kids and wanting only the best can and has with me brought out a desire to want to control the edges of our path very much. Yet, it is I who knows that the beauty of a rose is not just within the lustrous petals and softness, but also in the perfect edges and fierceness that are each of the thorns. The beauty also of such that are the thorns to stand so strong to protect such wonder.

My kids are such that is comparable to the petals of a rose and I AM very much the thorns. It has been etched in me my every desire to, despite all else, stand strong and fierce to protect the path shared with my kids even though I do FEEL I could have done a much better job.

The apartment has been remodeled completely and looks very nice within and FEELS quite cozy; home. That was the sense I felt yesterday before ever bringing any of my kids and my belongings to fill it, so that is a good sign, right?

It is just that being within those walls feeling so intoxicating right now that I hope I do not cling to such that is remaining at home too often again such as I did after my injury. I hope again to FEEL the LIGHT, to Crave it again and always, and to KEEP My connection in prayer and to Jesus growing again as it has gotten me this far and HE is ever-deserving of my thanks and love.


With this fear that I FEEL, I let say hello only for this 1 moment more. I thank you for reminding me how far I have come and from where I have to tread to get to where I AM. I thank you for keeping me focused in the ways that I needed to though at times I neglected to listen but now I know that you are only a messenger. Well, I AM reminded again of that and all your ways and I now declare you and I part ways as I AM in God’s hands and only Jesus has laid this path that is now open for my kids and I. I Choose this LIGHT Forever and For Always as I know it blesses each step I walk no matter the place my feet rest.

Now again With Love My Life shall continue to unfold.

Synced with you, every Heart Beat,





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