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Hello World.

I have been going DEEPER into talks on death as well, there is much learn of course.

I came across a TedTalk vid today in which I AM not all supportive of this organization since some actions they have taken but again, this does not discredit some of the speakers like Lewis Brown Griggs.

Just like me, Lewis had experienced death or what many refer to as near death. In fact, he experienced such twice. As I said we are here to learn and God gives us many chances to grasp True Knowing of all that was and IS and who we Truly Are and what “HOME” truly IS.

I will say in this video, he reflects how I think and FEEL very much. Some have had trouble with my views on death especially when a loss occurs and many others have appreciated my Inner View, Inner Knowing of what may take place based on what I experienced.

Anyways…just as Lewis says, one does not need to experience a physical death to come to this place to knowing. There are messengers like us who have went through such a reminder process and there are what I deem as our continuous dying, deemed growth in this life.

Each moment of every day, we are rising or sinking in who we are in a moment and to who we are to become. We are never truly ever the same as another may have known us as we are ever-shifting, ever-changing. Life happens and Within it, we are stripped, washed away, rewritten, painted over, consistently changed. As change is the inevitable and constant, I truly BELIEVE it is very much in part of who we are.

WE ARE Forever changed on this physical plane but in TRUTH, Our Core remains the same, UNCHANGED.

It is like those moments where you run into a person that you had not seen for years, and while all may not seem the same as it was, YOU FEEL and know their Heart as the Heart is part of our core, never changed.

Now, ones mind can be changed, such as one’s personality, one’s physical attributes, and the like, but…one can never change who they are at their core of being. One’s soul is just that and very much untouchable.

As I learned, we can run and hide and paint ourselves all shades of colors for the world to see, but we can never separate ourselves enough to rid our INNER CORE, Our Connection from our moment of Creation, from God.

As far as I see it all, God, Spirit, etc. IS ALWAYS on standby, right next to each of us awaiting the moment that we call upon and OPEN THE DOOR to all THAT IS Our Truth.

We can go off the deep end in whatever fashion we choose or our path opens for us but we are never forgotten, we are never abandoned or left alone.
IT IS our own duty to LEARN by SEEKING and ASKING to KNOW. IT IS OUR DUTY to also know also that Our Purpose if not always our own choosing.

I Love this as I AM reminded again of each of us having our part in the Body of Christ as in every moment of deep resistance, in each moment of destruction and more loss of our-self, we are consistently being redirected towards what truly was meant for us.

Again, I AM very much a DREAMER. I AM very much still in tune with the idea of living our Dreams and such but.,all that we Desire must very much Align with what HIS plan is for us.

One can go off the Deep, one can sell their-self out to dark and the trenches of hell, but that LIGHT is never in a place that cannot be found, cannot be grasped.
IT IS all a process of CHOOSING. Choosing to Love and be and Breathe in all that IS in this Life s Beauty despite the downfall pour of darkness and its greatest trick; illusion.

Having returned, I AM far from materialistic. That was shed completely from me. It does not take much to keep me comfortable nor does it take a lot to excite or entertain me. Material here is just another part of what is the illusion, the distraction.

I AM still finding my way as we all are. I AM not above any other nor any better as a person. We are all on a path to learning and grasping the Truth of all that IS and ever will Be, the Truth that truly is God’s creation.

In the other Ted video I wrote of last time, I learned that I was indeed a level 4 death or near death if you prefer. I do not recall all that was said, nor all I may have experienced as there is no need to. Prior to my injury, I just wanted to Know, I wanted to FEEL and guess what? My Prayer was answered in FULL. IN FULL!.

While there may be some things I have Felt bad about in my previous life and even mine now, I know that there is a greater purpose to it all. I AM not here to be who any other wants me to be, I AM here just as HE returned me to BE. I AM HERE, returned, to Be and Speak, and FEEL and Share and well, LIVE.

While we are living in a current world that so many are seeking to bury their self, many are seeking to repaint their self, change and even redefine their self…WE ARE WHO WE ARE, We Are Who HE Breathed Life into us to BE…There is no other way about it.

I AM IMPERFECT…DEEPLY at times, the imperfection flows and maybe to others is obvious but I Breathe in Calm and Love and a certain Peace in KNOWING, just knowing, that I AM who I AM and that I carry a gift in being able to KNOW as I Do.
Some may argue what I call my knowing and I welcome such as to each our own experience, to each our own knowing…to each our own assigned part in the Body of Christ by God Himself.

I resonate very deeply with Lewis though I did not have the same tragedy occur in the way this physical reality painted it.

It is people like Lewis that I would so much LOVE to just sit and talk to as I resonate with him very much. I get him as he does me and the part of our walk that we had taken.

I Am truly bored by small talk and this makes it harder for me to fit into what is the construct of this social reality. I always GO DEEP in conversation and well, some even come to me, even strangers and POUR, just POUR out all of who they are and their troubles.

Reminds me of a time I was pulled into a room by a stranger at my Uncle’s house years ago. (My Aunt had passed and this was his so-called ex flame from high school years just so you know). Anyways…she pulled me in and just as if I was her therapist, starts pouring out to me all her struggles within their having come back together. Even to the point of wanting pictures of my Aunt removed and such as it was just too much for her.

Now, that was her place of pain, her place in her reality so I did not judge, I did not shut her down nor even blast her for wanting my BELOVED Aunt’s memory removed. I gave her the space in a moment that I could as I felt no other way about it. Why she felt so compelled to share with me, who knows but many have since my injury, so in a way, I think it is just part of them wanting to know as I have learned as well, just many remain incapable of Truly Listening as the problem is never the outside world, It All goes back to Recognizing and Knowing One’s Core and HONORING such. Attempting to control anything outside yourself is far from the path of knowing. It All starts at with you.

If this is part of my purpose, my part in the Body of Christ, I shall very much honor and Live it. I AM here to offer a space as such was what I had lost sight of, such was what I could not find prior to my injury. This is no fault of any other, as it was me who lost my way on my path but again…I FEEL it was meant for me to lose my spot as IT WAS TIME FOR ME TO OPEN UP TO AND LEARN and finally Walk this Path meant for me.

We can walk the paths that are meant for us in ways that we make our own, in ways that we Drench it all in the Rain of Love and Light and what we call Dreams. It is ever in our ability to choose to GRASP whole what is laid out before us or to wash it all away.

As I said, whether through Death like myself and Lewis and a multitude of others we are to come to THAT PLACE, THAT SPACE where we are reminded again, where we are able to walk through the OPEN DOOR of Truth and DEEPLY Our Inner Core.

Just as each song has a certain set of lyrics or not that fits well together. Just as each song has a message good or bad and the FEELING that is Sparked with us just by listening. LISTENING.

Rhythmic each Heart Beat. Melodic the Flow of Blood through our veins, our arteries. Symphony never incomplete, symphony never absent I realize again as it is Within each and every breath we take and Release back to the world again.
I had no way of Embracing Love in the ways that I needed to in my past. I had no way of taking it in, knowing it fully, and returning it to the world unscathed in any way. I had to learn that SOFTNESS IS and Always has been a part of my INNER CORE.

I had to learn to acknowledge this and my place in this world, my place upon this path that was truly in line with all that I sought in the first place,
I HAD TO LEARN that I was never absent of anything that was Beautiful and Soft and Worthy and Loving and Love able. I had to Learn to HEAR the voice of God amidst the clattering of the world, despite the chaos of what can be this so-called reality.

These recent symptoms I have had to check out is just another part of the process of becoming more who I AM on the path assigned to me. Symptoms are truly a knocking to which we are called to LISTEN and Shift our Focus again.
All in all, I Trust in what God has planned for me though there are many things I want, I accept that no matter way this path goes, I AM.

You take your own life, you LOOK at it and you break it on down. You light it to Flame and You allow it to fall to Ash as in that moment, you TRUST that you too are protected, you too are provided for and loved. Nothing here outside LOVE matters. Nothing here outside Your Place in the sequence of Love Flowing and Growing is of the Essence.

Spark High Always,

MBerDream.Com…(I have neglected this site for now as it kept pushing back, we shall see.)

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