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Drenched In Love

Step right in to my story
Let your resistance lessen
Smirk that Smile
Let it Rise
and Rise
Never again settle

This story is one of Love
One of Peace and absence of melancholy drenches
Absence of all that drowns on out Elated Spark Flow
Happiness through Touch

Take your pieces
Stack them Up
Tower them HIGH
Adore the Glitz
The Stunning Brightness
Shimmering Waves
Crystallized Daze

Be Inspired
FEEL the Pull
the Push
To step to Dance
To Step to WALK
Without fear
without sadness
without FEELING doubt

Be Inspired I SING
Pleasant are the Bells that Ring
Feel them vibrate
Feel them invigorate Your Essence
Awakening all to BLOOM

No longer do we fall
outside the moves of electric swing
The Rhythm that calls attention
The Beats that escalate
Forever Resonate
With Flow of the Blood
In Our Spirit
In Our Truth
We continue to Be Washed In
As we Defeat our demons
As we defeat a world that Embraces fear
As we defeat a world that lingers zombie-fied in stale air

We have Arisen
We have Listened
We have Danced
and Sung
and We LOVE
Do We Love
and Full of Melody Perked
Amazing Illustration

We Listen DEEPLY
We know our place in this movement’
We know our steps we must take
as Fate
We know Our Smiles better Guide our way
But when game face needs display
We never cower
We never allow Dark to take us down
Are Higher
Blessed by the Highest
Holy Sprit

As it is LOVE that Pours from Our Words
Our Thoughts
Our Pure

It is in this
I have no resistance to what is not only good for me
Good for All
As I LIVE in a time
The most Perfect Time
for me to Learn
and SEE
My Greatest
My Melodic Ray
Shining Ever-Abundantly
In what truly IS
The Awesomeness

Hello World,

Take the words and you play. You take the words absent thought, even absent FEELING and you let them run away on down the page. You take Your Thoughts and you Shift them HOW YOU WANT. You Come to that place WITHIN, You Kneel in mind or even on the floor and You Praise and You Raise the Blessed Pathway to and from all you do and are to come to know.

You place your trust in HIM and nothing and no one else. No Earthly thing comes above the Highest in Creation whether you Believe or hold back in Stubbornness or fear of being wrong, or any other cliff-side song.

YOU FEEL the uplifting movement in the words, in the thoughts that pour. You FEEL the Melody come on through You and Soar and Rise Higher and Higher without much of anything in you as per trying.

Effortless is the Flow when YOU ALLOW HIM to Lead and hold you up keeping you from falling, keeping you protected from all that they seek to place you in eternal slumber.

It is said that I would rather be wrong Believing In Him than to not Believe and be wrong. In my own way, I realize more that I not only Believe, I Know. In my own way, I know. I have Seen, I have Felt, I have been Blessed By His hand that never once let go of me and I notice my focus only growing here as there is just so much Love.

I sought Unconditional and Pure Love. Love without restriction, Love without rules and pure flowing Love with no obstacles that hold back the Mesmerizing and Uplifting Truth and I found it though in my most tragic moment in my life.
I HOLD Love in ways many have told me to let go but Love in its truest form cannot be destroyed nor lost in any way. There is no switch to Love, no on and off button. Love Just As. Just as My God Just Is as well, just as My Heart continues to Beat Effortlessly with Each Free Breath I take in and Breathe Opening myself to it’s Full Drenching of Me.

It is funny still as I have my anxieties that have remained since injury but then there is this part of me that like a torch flames up and not ever burns out when I AM faced with an ounce of darkness.

My daughter got me to watch Stranger Things finally. I was resistant as it is linked to satanic symbolism and such but again, I had to remember that I AM greater than such, as we all can be and in being I preferred having my daughter have My Presence near when she is watching, I gave in.

I AM happy I did as we are now finishing up season 4. Whatever meaning you put to something you bring about I had to remember and now being stronger in mind then I once was prior to my injury, the show is quite a learning tool and bonding experience for my daughter and I.

I think I resonate most with El in what has been my emotions but of course without superpowers. My kids and I have always watched films and just as if in a movie appreciation class, we discuss our feelings and opinions and thoughts on what we just seen. I, of course, give them my own and relate it back to Life in general in trying to OPEN paths of Deeper understanding for them.

I need to do more of this film class stuff with my kids but with Stranger Things, my son refuses as he is just not into any such horror or darkly dramatic stuff. I AM sure he overthinks it all just as I once had while my daughter on the other hand can separate such very much from reality it seems so far, so I hope she holds that strength for always.

We each are built of a certain temperament and as I said, my kids are very much alike, look quite a bit alike, but their temperaments and personalities are very contrary. Makes life quite interesting and well, brings me to Love them even more as I just see and realize more how there is a certain balance between the two and how this has worked for our family.

God’s plan is Always Perfect.

So, You See, the Truth in it all is that no matter what one is faced with…YOU are to DIVE in Fully. You are to TRUST that you are not alone and that you are indeed protected as well, YOU ARE.

YOU FIND THE BEATS that also help to Spark You Higher ( I came across a song from years ago in my playlist, Into the Galaxy by The Midnight Juggernauts) which is what you want. If a song does this, you know it is GOOD for you and can indeed aid in your Ability to Bring about and Open doors to God’s Will and what you Desire.

Life CAN BE Good, even with much that can be devastation and bad and loss and well, pain. Love truly makes it all worthwhile. I cannot Believe that Love used to be my greatest fear and am happy that now it is my greatest Inspiration. Make It Yours.


PS. No different really outside added pic, but blog at The Dream is back up under The Light Is On 2. I have a lot of catching up to do.


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