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Backwards Post

Backwards post tonight.

I had not noticed I had not shared here for a while AGAIN. 😉 I have written some but have been spending more time with my kids and resting.

I try not to think too much into being tired or anything else that may come up as I KNOW I place my trust in Him and that All Is Well.

I got confirmation of this as well that I AM watched out for and taken care of as I received 2 signs from the other side as it is said and I pinned down that this was from my late Uncle as well as my grandmother.

My daughter were out doing laundry and the place was completely empty outside the two of us. We were just finishing up and as I turned back away from the dryer a dime literally fell out of nowhere and made the loudest spin against the ground. Loud enough to get our attention I suppose. In checking the area and also if it could have came from the dryer, all was proven much too secure to release any such object at all in the process of drying.

Later in the evening, my daughter and I were watching Modern Family as she wanted me to begin watching this series with her and again as I got up to walk towards the hall, a dime literally came flying out of the air and directly towards me (which my daughter witnessed fully) and it came to the ground and rolled fast to get ahead of me and only stopped as it came to the throw rug.

We looked at the dimes and pondered the meanings. I explained how dimes can be a sign from the after world as she was getting kind of freaked out about it all. We questioned who may be trying to say hello and we only came down mostly to my brother who past when I was about 14.

Well, in talking to my mom the next day, the dates proved further significance on the dimes with the years of 1988 and 2021. I turned 8 in 88 so there is that and it was a year that was quite memorable and tragic in ways as we had moved from my home state and to where my paternal grandparents lived. While that did not work out in any good way, my maternal grandmother had a heart attack out in another state where we ended up moving to and remaining.

In 2001 which is the date on the other dime, my Uncle who I always got along wonderfully with had past away.

Now, my uncle was always a joke-ster and as such, the night that dime came to rest in my apartment, my daughter were unable to watch any show on our new Roku as it kept buffering every 30 seconds. On top of that our porch light quite working when shining fully and brightly with no signs the night prior.

Well, now on to what I mean to post days ago…

I have looked and looked for love and blessings of all in whole. I have come to this place lifted and again reminded that LOVE IS what I sought, though as humans do, I had fallen ignorant as Love IS Always Here, never far away, not even next door, next town over, or only across the world.

I have come to find that my voice speaks silent in the moments I fail to Believe that Love is anything that is separate from me with My Connection to HIM, that Love is not in any way Within the Oxygen, the Blood that Flows Through Me, that each and every breath from First Breath Shared and Given by HE was merely an automatic and expected process without ever needing to Feed on back in by My Own Breath in Faith and Knowing-ness, Praise, and Love.

That we are each here with nothing that we must pay forward as though each Heart equipped with song was only a lie all along. As if Each Breath was only meant to outline and fill any and every such void that we think is in us and not to Flood the world with Life and His promise.

That we are each here with no reason to be thankful for the good in our life that has been, each blessing that enters on in, and that well, we are owed something more, something greater, something that proves our worth somehow, as we our self have become too scared to flick our own switch of Brightness ON.

Love is not only the fuel, Love is the Fire, Love is the Elixir to each and every yearning, aching, and moment in which we are on the path to what is deemed further and more fully Living and even that which is dying. It was through HIM that Love’s Breath was Flooded Into each of us and at our moment of Creation we were equipped with all that we truly needed to Walk each and every step upon each and every path set before us.

Love is not weak as it is a Great Strength just as each of us possess the innate Ability to not only Breathe Life into the world but to Breathe Life continuously on into and throughout all that we here within this realm, physically are. Each Breath is laced with Sapphire-Washed Crimson Gold. Each Breath is laced with the intricate details of what is Our heart and Each and Every Resonance of Each Beat is a Rhythmic Dialogue that is Ever-Vibing Life’s Flow.

Each Beat is assigned a certain pattern that imprints upon one’s life and those all throughout this world, the next steps as well as the further Filling In of each and every laid out piece to what is Our Unique Path to Becoming.

Each Rhythm conceived holds a story, a unique and new Beautiful story to Unfold, such as a seed planted and in turn blooms, we are Gifted with the Power To Choose the Greatness that Truly Awaits Us Given By Him. Each of us such as a seed Bloomed as a Flower, awaiting in a moment of dance to spread out and Bloom again, all Within as the Softest Ariose Aflamed in Prayer.

Each of us brilliantly made, brilliantly here as well, to further Open to and For Him and with full Florescent Glow to pull us more deeply in swaying in a way that is soft and gentle and deeply melodic, again and again as if (and We Are) Always MBraced, Guided, and Protected, From Within.


Melted Sun Within hands
I can Breathe again
All in This Moment
Elixir Set
Palms of Hands Open
To Welcome on In

Palms Open
I FEEL the Rays Setting In
I FEEL Love Flooding On In
Revealed To Me Now

With Love,


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