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Found, Was I

Found Again
A Rhythm of sorts
A Rhythm Full of Love
Beats Blasting

Found Again
This Story Drifting
Always Growing
Always Becoming More

Found Again
and Again

By the Face
of Love


On into
The Beginning

Hello Again.

I have been Embracing Melodies and Drifting In this mind of mine, being pulled in time after time to Wondrous Times.

I Feel it in me. I know it Clearly. This Feeling, this Energy, this Abundantly lasting Opportunity…This Moment Of Love, Of Life, Of Truth, Of Perfection Of Light Set To Rise ALWAYS from what was the start right on through to never end.

There is no Love that needs to be sought as we are all to Recognize and Become Aware In Knowing NOW that Love has always been a part of Me, You, We, and not once has left us.

Reminded I AM of the many times I have been swept up and MBraced even in the moments darkness blackened my vision, my eyes, even Love is that which branches further the realms of Dreams I sleep, Truly, Deeply, Wake and Live as Dreams are not only that which rests in minds at rest and in full surrender.

Love is what Branches Deeper into this world and so-called reality we Live, woven by the Creation of Dreams Synced with Beats all along.

Threaded and woven in the Softness of silk and tears of answered prayers, in the Vibrance of colors that Reflect The Beauty Of NOW, The Beauty of THIS MOMENT to Step Into all that we Truly Are and Can be by nature of Creation, by His Word, Our Gift Heaven Sent.

Love that has tuned into The Purest Elixir I have come to know and welcome on in, to Spark me Up and Glow, Fill on in all that attempts to be emptiness or sullen depressive woe. Love’s most ecstatic and vivacious play is the moment we no longer resist and fight against the call and open our-self vulnerable such as the petals of a flower, Full Bloom, Efflorescence, Beautiful, and True.

Love that has came to BE every etching, every carving out, full twist, and turn and curve that is ME, You, We, oh, how this Life CAN BE So Sweet. Love that has found its way in the depths of a valley upon a journey never once deemed safe nor having an ending of any such tranquility, LIFTS us up and Comforts us With Song.

A journey we are set upon from which we are all led to FACE Ourselves in all that we are, this Deep Mirror that stands as This World. As we Face on In, we are shown what IS or could Be in the pieces of our brilliance and all that exists as what can be called our ugliness, our dark, our sin, but truly the ever-grasping of our Heart, His hand, Love.

Never separate have I been from the waves that have Risen and Fallen with Strength and Glory in all ways, never have I ever been in full control of what TRULY IS gifted in Life By Only His Hand. In no such way is this gift relinquished or torn from me when I lose my footing and choose my own way, ignoring the Song in me that has For Always remained and Guided me Home.

Never separate am I from the Grace that HE extends my way, as a Blessing in every way, A Gift that Rises time and time again always waiting patiently and quietly for my returned extension of Heart, hand.

I want to Reach Out, I want to Pour, I want to FEEL and Drench Myself Whole. I want to pull all that is My World on in and Suffocate out any last fragment of pain and strife.

Much is out and I AM proud of all the work I have done though 20 years long and these latest symptoms are dissipating as well…I offer no other place for such to be held. I write and I Listen and I Create with My Lord right Beside Me.
I want to reach out and I shall as nothing is holding me frozen, nothing is rewriting my path for me in any way as LOVE has taken the reigns and anything absent of Light has no chance to any such Win as well…I, just as he, has already won.

I want to pull all into the FEELING, the absolute and magnificent FEELING that We Are Loved and WORTHY of each note of a song that Flows and SUCH AS A FLOWER, Beauty it extends and Within Us All, Glowing MBers of Gold and Crystallized Rhythmic Beats Envelopes all that we are. I want to take Breath and FEEL it in me Rise, Tide, and Collide as ONLY Beauty has laced this path Start to End.

The sooner the best, of course, but no time nor moment like NOW when we come to that place, THIS PLACE, where we allow our walls down and let in The Call, the Melodic Waves of Our Fantastic NOW. Force Your Focus HERE, Now, this moment where you feel most loved, most cared for, most protected..most Soft in Confidence Within Your True Essence, MOST Connected To HIM and TRULY in your place of Power Through Faith and Believing…KNOWING.

We came to BE in a world that can be Full of pain and horror, we come to be and attempt to Dance our way on through but are tripped up and may stumble and fall…We honestly came for the challenge of it all.

Sometimes another extends their own foot to sometimes bring us down in order to Believe they have in any way the upper hand. Often another attempts to bring us down all for the illusion of a certain POWER WITHIN, LOVE though false for a moment again, but no hand goes Higher, no hand rests Higher than His in any way. No Power is Greater than God.

We are IMPERFECT and this is ok. It is known and there is no other way as the only perfection Is Jesus and there is no way for us to measure up in this human shell in any way but we can Live Our Best by keeping close the power of Love Within Us and well, Syncing Our Beats on throughout this world.

We are here to LIVE and yes, Enjoy, but truly to also LOVE and Be Loved and Sync our Beats Always and in Every way we can. We are here to Break through our challenges and see the good in all, no matter how dark, no matter how trapped we may feel.

Not sure if I posted the above already but now it is sort of edited so it will have some different

Been Listening to the Rhythms and Syncing My Beats. Been Feeling the Love and just wanted to post something before I try to tackle some more things at home given the kids have gone for the weekend again.

With Love,


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