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Coming Together

Piece By Piece
Falling Away Again
and then
Drift Right Back In
Then On Out

We Come On In
Here and Now
There and Here
From Beginning To End
On and On

Hello Again.

I have not felt like writing and sharing lately. Not because of any health reason as I have been just fine, (outside this heat as that I just cannot take)I just have not felt compelled to, drawn to, motivated nor inspired to share any more of myself here for a time. And it makes sense as I Am learning that indeed I AM correct in that if My Heart is not FEELING it, then it is not to be forced.

I have been reading more of The Bible and going deeper in my listening to Derek Prince’s teachings as well. In this, I receive confirmation such as I state here often that it is one’s Heart to lead and well, mine has been focused at home and resting so I allowed it to.

I need my rest as I have 2 teens I AM raising and keeping them moving forward with their schooling all along with making sure I do not forget to tend to my own needs as we each must acknowledge and nurture all parts of our self to be a whole, thriving, and stable being (Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Mental).

I Am seeing and receiving answered Prayers and though may seem all to simplistic for some, they are Great to me and a true sign, in that I AM heard, Provided, For, and yes, Cared For…Truly Supported in every step I take.

Many things are happening across this world and I AM learning more and more to turn my focus away and Turn Inward and Focus where I need to and that is right on God. We Are Called To Believe and in my own experience, there is no doubt anymore.

I have accepted that I AM where I AM despite the so-called outlook on tomorrow. I AM still Thankful for having been brought to this home and that my kids and I are doing alright despite some (at times) annoying neighbors, but again, such is life, right? It is laughable now as they now respect my space more since almost taking out the parking pole on accident. I believe I wrote of this.

I AM not sure what is to come for us and I AM not worried though at times, I do FEEL like I want to but I know in that, the feeling is not to be trusted as I have learned to know and Trust my own signals and also HIS, My Lord.

I have been brought to where I AM, on my own, as well, I AM more than capable despite my past injury, despite any such issue that arises as again, I know how to survive and it is my softness in love and understanding that has given my kids a soft and safe place with me as well. That may be why my late grandmother is visiting me as well, she had to do a lot on her own for many years prior to her passing and the men she had prior were truly of little benefit it has been shown but again, I do not know her full, in her own words story, so I just have my mom and her siblings memories to go off of. All in all, my grandmother was a very strong woman, and I suppose that is where my mom and I as well learned our strength in part as well.

Anyways…I do not have much to share today, more-so tonight Is The Plan. Maybe not as it is already kind of late here…we shall see.

I have more to tend to in not only helping to Create but also Allowing Better Into My own Life, my 2 teenagers’, as well as this world.

I understand more why my injury occurred and so much that I had gained from such a tragic experience in my life. I AM forever Thankful to have had the opportunity to not only survive but to also be set with new lenses from which to view the world and especially the times now.

There are moments I can FEEL alone but just as the Dimes I mentioned before and the bottle cap messages right after stating “I AM Here” and “We will never leave you again”, I AM reminded always that I AM Loved and that I AM watched over no matter.

I BELIEVE this for all in this world no matter where they think they are in life but that is one of the greatest keys to have which is 1st in the Belief. It is a process to get there but we have been given the tools to do-so and one definitely is the Bible for sure.

I see the world, despite all the news, etc. with a Great Light upon the horizon growing and expanding and Rising, illuminating the Sky and each and every heart that beats in time here and as it has been said, Bringing the Darkness to Light. Nothing is to remain hidden and nothing is to continue bleeding out without remedy which is Always By His Hand through the Power of Love…from what MUST BE Our Belief.

I see a Softness fall upon all boundaries of this realm and a falling away, a fading out, a dissolving of all that has walked this earthly realm with any ill intention or devil’s hand in play. I see a Softness and I FEEL IT, oh, do I FEEL it, DEEPLY and THOROUGHLY and I know from this moment on out, The Flood shall Be an awakening of this FEELING amongst all that walk this earth, among all that Open Heart and YES, OPEN EYES too as at some point soon, there will be no choice to make as we all will be brought to our knees in choosing or not.

For myself, as one who FEELS it all, I AM tending to my space and my kids and just LISTENING. I AM diving DEEPER into the Bible and Derek Prince teachings as well and I AM witnessing more and more good blooming about in my life and I trust that soon, there will be much to share as the path is breaking fully open for me to walk upon…This Dream, This Ever-Unfolding and Becoming Poem that IS ME is ready to almost Bloom Fully.

With Love,


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