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Moment of Pain

I AM writing late tonight as I have meant to and do not want to not do-so again. My head is pounding as I finally connected the dots (as I sat with my front door open FEELING my head pound more and more intense), that the neighbors were full out smoking their marijuana tonight which appears to mess with me as well.

Well, no matter as I only had to close the door and take come to this space, now to wait for it to die down as I write while listening to some soft melody (Loner Deer…this man’s voice is amazing), so I can get to sleep soon.

So…time to shift this as this pressure is increasing and well, I cannot have that.
I lay my head in puddles of Dreams and it is there that I AM met with Softness and with Love and with the Miracle Touch of God’s hand from above.
(…Wow. that 1 line already lessened it by 10 points).

It is Here that I FEEL at Home and Safe and Sound. I FEEL understood and Life seeking to be in tune with the Good that I Can Be, Uplifting Me and ridding me of pain and strife, Freeing me of all that is pressure and washing me in waves from that which is a glorious shimmering shore.

I never missed my boat, I AM merely the dancer upon the water, crossing the sea in ways that many others can only hope to one day deliciously dare their own steps in, Creating upon the water their own stories of how the flowers of this world turned to face them as well all laong the shore, as through God, it was in them a Great Light that to the world was shown.

We are above any dark aspect in this realm that seeks to bring us to our knees, the only time we are to kneel is to Pray and take in the Breath that He, the Lord, Fills Within this Spirit that We Be.

Oceans have flooded on in (another 5 levels down here) and in me they POUR Waves with salt that sterilize and purify all the bad right on out. No chance for anything outside Good when we are instilled with His Light Brightest.

Light Comes on Through and shifts the Beauty That Is Within this Mind in Full Bloom and I AM led to Sparks of what is Now, Miracles and Blessings, God’s Ever-Blessed Tides, Gifted to Me in This Moment and Always Nearest By My Side…nearest Always By Us All.

(almost gone now)

I know this pain is of my own choosing, I know it is what I welcomed on in. I know this pain is a messenger and that it is just a friend though its ways of expression are harsh and of dark somber waves.

I know that this pain was a knocking on my door to stop the shifting of thoughts of my mind at the time I was to share with my daughter, in our routine of sharing a show or two. I was not to get distracted in any one moment as the Moment was there…IT WAS HERE and NOW.

I was not to allow her distractions to sway me from enjoying the moment that was set before me.

There is no reason to think of any past nor even worry about what is to come tomorrow as the future is truly in my hands, the future is truly Within the Power of Us All. I AM protected as are my kids, this I know as He has spoken to me, He has told me so. Just as we all are in the moment we Choose Love, we choose to Believe in Higher and come to Find Him.

I AM right where I need to be, I AM Ignited in what is My Truth, His Truth. I AM finding my way more and more each moment and each day. I AM Hearing more deeply Love’s own call and My Heart is strumming pitches higher.

Well, pain is gone. Almost ready to rest. I want to write more but tension increases with those thoughts so bringing this to an end.
…For Now…

Be Loved,


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