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Ice Dance

There is a Rhythm of Melodies
and Created
By Instruments
and voice
line by line
Within Me

There is a chorus
Not always lasting
not always freeing
not always of the greatest light
not always from the softness of a place I call home
not always from smiles
uplifted on this face
as tears unfold

There is a Rhythm of Melodies
In Me
as I aspire To Be
of bone

Drenched in Spirit
DRenched in Soul
Drenched in Love

Beauty Forever and Ever

My voice reaches out and just cracks, and falls, a drift it fades away. I AM here and I AM now but this voice of mine let go of such that was the mesmerizing sky which Inspired this Life to Hold, to carry on, to ne day sing.

My Voice it Reaches still for a world dependent upon the silence that it depserately gasps in, with no Light in Sight, only dark has become a comforting embrace for many yet, cracks have started to more deeply form and rays of Light Melt on Through, Break on Through, Shine on In.

Such as a river that flows, the Light shines and it Grows, rushing on through into the mystery that has been what we Believed was me…was you…though never once were we of question to a sky Full of Stars and even as His Eyes and Heart always focused upon us awaiting our hand to reach, our voice of Spirit to only know and Breathe.

So, today was an odd day but another day I was able to Awaken and Rise and Be and take in the wonders of this life we live.

My Heart has fluttered upon the winds of high and then again beat to softly hit lows as I attempted to Bliss out this whole day. I wavered plenty but I allowed the fall of me to go more Deeply in my reading and exploring further of His Word, further into His guidance; truth, the teachings that He had left as a compass for me and you.

I break my own heart over and over again. I reach out and I fall, I reach out and tears start to flood and wash over my face. I break my own heart and I FEEL in the ways that I do as that is part of my calling and part of who I AM…true.

I break my own heart as in the breaking, cracks more deeply are formed for greater His Light to come on through and Pour and Flood me to greater heights and purify all that is me and this world all the more.

I break my own Heart as the depth of our existence is to succumb to the Feeling and I no longer have walls that keep such at bay. We are to break our own hearts and step out into the world and yes, crash, burn, and fall. We are meant to Love and there too will be great loss, much, much loss; so much loss at times it is almost unbearable.

All is to fall away at some point in our lives and it hurts like well…hell, yes, indeed it does. All is to fall away and leave us with only our own self, so as we are more able to know Him, so as we only are able to hear the presence that is HIS Breath Nearest and all the Love that rests Within Us.

We are to dance and allow the snow to fall (just had a vision of Kim’s Ice Dance in Edward Scissorhands) despite the pain, despite the chaos and anger and hate…despite the fear.

Some may be confused as to what I mean by dance and well, that is to just embrace it all…to FLOOD the World in every moment with all that you have as Love, to break away each and every wall and yearn and WALK to explore it all.

I AM no hippie, I AM also no crybaby which I may have painted myself as Haha…

I just know that with such a focus held and with KNOWING HIS presence, this Life In Full can be turned around, to a greater sound, to a greater and more fulffiling place for all.

You know, there is a softness here and now, and I just want to share it and Inspire some flame to flicker and spread. Like wildfire, we as a world are destined to Embrace His Light Again.

Even if in my own little world, I know that the more I write, the more I Believe and the more I Allow Him on IN…the more this Light will shine and this melody will grow to a pitch it can no longer be ignored.

You know, one of the things that I AM thankful for since my injury is that my mind is pretty quiet now. No, I AM not brain dead. 😉

We are to Dance such as Kim in this scene of Ice Dance, just mesmerized by the moment, mesmerized by the Beauty that Indeed can Always be Found.

There is a peace in my mind and now that I came to find and I suppose I lost at one time long ago. In this peace, I was not only found but the truth of all that I loved and all who loved me became KNOWN and though I had to find my place in the world again and HEAL as I have to this place that I AM now, My Own Heart Breaking all the times it has now is open enough to hold this life I lead and all He has in store for me.

I hold no fear to the steps I must take as I have not feared the ones I had to take over the past 20 years and I know I AM not alone as I have HIM.

Now tweekers coming up on me…well, I AM bound to

Ice Dance is on full repeat now…Oh, how I Love this movie and this scene especially. Brings out a certain place in us all I Believe.

Well, time to Dive more Deeply into my Bible reading and rest for my eye appointment tomorrow to find out if my actual vision has worsened or if it is indeed all in my head as in… it is due to my occular nerve having been damaged all those years ago and that brain and eye connection is doing just what it does and messing with me. Maybe too, I will be sent home with some new glasses or at least a prescriotion that actually looks good on me (going for that nerdy girl look).



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