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Inspired Beats

Tonight I welcome on in just a rambling of sorts again. No sense to be made so have none expected. No perfection is to be seen, no grasping of rules nor laws or any such thing. Just as a voice sometimes crack in a moment one sings…this too are the following words.

All in all, just think of this as scratch paper*

Just me listening to music and writing, so for those here and trying to connect something, I hope you FEEL something or find a lil something as this is just me trying to summon some flow up out of me but until I get my glasses (which I Am being prescribed), staring at this darn screen is quite difficult for any long period.

May do some dancing before bed though as loving beats I found from 20syl titled “You Know.”

Now, lets begin…

What else is there to do when I just cannot think?
All I can do is wash my eyes of misery and lay my heart to beat
To Beat in Rhthm
To Beat as I hold
In full force
To allow my flutter in a word
or many
and softly arise again and speak
I sing
I Be
I Break
I Mend

What else am I to do when I am drawn towards
This moment that Breathes
and without knowing why
A Brightness is shown
yet, set cloudiness
of the skies?
Swipe them on back
No need for this now
Yet, pleading in the back of my head
is that voice calling me back to bed
to lay
and Dream instead

Go rest sleepyhead
I AM called
Your dreams await
the story I have been fed
The lie that in such
lays my fate
as if I Am not the one to choose in any way
as if there is not God with a great plan for me
always unfolding

Yet, Here I AM
Resistant to go lay down
as I know my fate
and I know my place
and my power
through Him
as together
we Create
and In This Moment
I AM awarded every step

All I want is to Drench
Drench this reality so many have chosen to Believe
and set us all Free
Such the grip of pain
Such the grip of chaotic pulse

With Eyes Gazing
of burning Fire
With tears that had fell
Islands of sand
as Incandescent I stand
Mellifluous the waves that surround
the outlining and frame of illusion that Is Me

All I know
In This Moment
and from the days stacking up to where we now be
In all I stand to be
In all the steps you dance
leading this car we ride
as I Am
as I do
all for a moment
to pull you on in
beat drifting
toes in ocean
not land
heart of sound

So, it is getting late here but after another hot day, I AM ready to write and drift and flow and fly
Being pulled in by rhythm and song
by the Beauty that are lyrics and voice expressing the sighs of Love and also that of broken heart
Just a strumming a long
As I only Seek to be led in the Moment by the Pain or By the Joy
By the Bleeding of the Soul
as in waves it goes
bye an bye

I AM Inspired by words
Present Moment
Dreams laid out
Path Breaking on open
Rhthm of Beats
Linking up side by side
Drawing pictures forever in my mind
in this heart of mine
synchronized all in the veins
All the time
as it is
it always is

I AM ready to just take in the melodies pouring and bring my head up above water
Feel the rush upon my face
open mouth
take another breath
and again
more DEEPLY to Begin Again
only to go on down
pulled on under
so as I start to see this world from this side down
such as the way my eyes
in this moment
take my hand
and we dive
just as in times you take my hand
even if only in dreams
it is there we be

I AM ready to to sing and embrace the sounds of my bones that crack
Though they will heal on back
I AM ready to move effortlessly and FEEL uplifted inside this skin
I AM ready to be moved by LOVE
as that is the essence
the start
the beginning again

I AM ready
oh, how I AM
even in this moment
this small room I sit
and all its warmth
driving me
such as floursecent light

I take this picture
and I peel it on back
step right on through
legs extended
taking this chance
to smile
maybe even fall
but to be captured this time
not within a dark that demands to force my way
within a light
comforted and calm
gentle the breeze
riding this wave
Tightening forever its hold on me
as glisten these lips of mine do
speaking in a burning wistfullness no more
for now
far wide open
has been my shore

The tide is moving on in
to meet me
and sweep me on up
wash me in salt
bathe me
purify me
as we go on up
to what is the peak of lights
exposed only in eyes
where love’s glow has remained
always present
Forever stained

I AM ready
to walk this path
Iridescennt Light
Verdant Traced walkways

Breaking these chains
Surrendering just as the droplets fall
Vulnerable I open to Flame
Vulerable I open to FEEL HOME
Vulnerable I, such as petals Bloom
Vulnerable I open to take these tears I have cried
Place them within
Bottle them up
Dip on in this pen
Calligraphy style it up
The song
The story
The Dream
THIS Reality

Now…On another note…I will be getting my glasses soon so will be able to write here more and will have to Vibe Up my look so I can indeed Be Vibing in my new lenses.

Vibing just as my son typically says the cats, his friends, himsef, are doing.
I guess I wil start “vibing” soon too. 😉 Maybe not in his eyes though.

Be Loved,


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