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Quick Note

Preparing to rest after a long day and just wanted to post this here and only here as I need to lay in my bed, read my Bible, and Rest.

There is great power in His Word, I keep telling you and it is becoming more and more obvious. ‘I went to get my kids today and I had a few hours prior where I was in their town but just chilling in the local Target’s parking lot, reading as I waited.

Out of nowhere I got a deep urge to go and visit my sis who lives only a couple blocks away. SOo, I call her up and see if she is free for a visit and once I arrive and go in, she notices quickly that I Am wearing my Tiny Crosses bracelet and have my cross necklace on as well.

We start talking about that and it goes a lil deeper and then she starts sharing all these incidents occuring latly where she and husband keep having incounters of this sort.

I go to tell her that is because God is working for her and her family, He is moving to bring about change in her family.

She and her husband are not believers. My sis has wanted to believe but she just never understood His Word per what she had read, and just came to the conclusion that the Bible is merely a tool that was created by man all those years ago to give people an answer to their worries, an answer to calm their fears about what is to come as no one truly knows. Her husband agreed that he felt the same.

This gave me more opportunity to go deeper and I did and more signs and confirmation started to show up to even their disbelief.

I was telling them about the recent dimes that flew out of nowhere and the messages I had received in bottle caps and such. Both of them looked at me like I was crazy and questioned as to the truth of it happening.

Not even a minute later, my brother-in-law went to get up off the couch and low and behold, 3 dimes were postioned right underneath where he had been sitting. He looked shocked.

Not even a minute later when he sat back down a dime came out of nowhere and laid resting on his arm. Now, explain that one? lol

My sis informed me that she and her husband had been discussing a lot about God and the Bible and such lately and that there had been a few incidents where other family as well as friends had sent texts or had called them up out of the blue during their conversations and would speak (without having known of their conversation) of God, of Faith, of the Power in Prayer.

My brother in law has lived a very dark life and even was an alcoholic for a number of years, where as due to it becoming a problem and my him finding my sister who finally brought him to stop, he has been having a lot of health issues as of this year.

He has experienced (on a different level than before as there is no substance to cover up any part of it now) near death experiences. God is calling on him I let him know, though it may not seem pleasant, though it may be scary and hurt.

I reminded him that here we have free-will but it is up to us to Choose, truly choose God and that path of good and light. We can open the door to either side both God or the devil, and if it is dark we choose, we will be warned, we will come to places where we are shown things tha terrify us, we will be shown things that chip away more at the veil that separates us in this realm from that which is death or what could be everlasting life.

The choice is ours.

I AM not sure what he will choose nor am I positive on who my sis will choose as well but I was sent there for a reason and that is how God works.

We all ask to See God to Believe He exists. We want to put a face to Him, we want to place upon Him what only we know as this human form that rings true for us…well, for many of us.

This is just not possible as to see Him, to Know Him, to Hear Him, we must first come to Believing in some way, even as in what was my case, crying out to Him to revel himself, crying out to know him. I cannt say that works for all either but that is what happened with me but again, it was not till my death, till my tumble over a cliff that I was OPEN enough to KNOW HIM.

If you want control over your full life, you block Him out. If you are stubborn, if you are to caught up and in love with this world, you only build your wall that much higher to the LORD.

In my fall, I released (without having to try) all beliefs outside of Him, I released all of mu stubbornes, my arguments against Him and His existence, and I released all fear of even learning that He was indeed true. This Let Go, this Surrender, allowed Him the path to reach me.

Anyways, as I told my sis, what anyone Believes, it pays to read the Bible and just test it out even if one can understand no part of it. I AM reading and watching others preach of it and other commentaries as well and more and more is opening to me and I know with what I seen as God working in my sis and her husbands life today, that they too could benefit. They are questioning more, in a way crying out To Know the Truth…His Truth and God is definitely trying to answer by guiding them to the answer that only they as they are can understand and hopefully accept.

Be A Vessel, as all of us are called.





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