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The Way

My flesh was torn back
Blood began to flow
the pain so strong I no longer was allowed to be awake
to feel the fullness of the pain
feel the fullness of the darkness
feel the absence of what was life
and for what?
Because of Jesus.

My flesh was torn back and of course much blood did flow
Yet, Christ He hung from a cross and poured for days
Excruciating each puncture that went within
Thins skin
the depths of His skull
without much of a wince
did he give
No change in His focus upon the Father
No change on the Love He felt Within and for all
No power given to those who wanted him to drown
Drown in hiw own ocean full of blood
what they deemed sin

Nothing can ever compare
To such that was the sacrifice
The proof that we are beyond worthy
of not only knowing but allowing in God’s Light
on Being Blessed
in the moment we finally give acknowledgement to
the Gift he gave, His Words that direct the way
the Truth
So all we are asked
is simple really
incomparable to the depths Jesus did go

We are asked to give thanks
Surrender our lives to His Truth
Surrender our hardships and troubles to Him
Rid our human instinct to want to handle and control
to Love beyond all that we know possible to do
Despite the pain, despite the fear, we are asked to NEVER LET GO of what we have come to truly know through Him
To Share His Truth and allow others to Freely choose
To Allow Him In
To Overflow the Oceans Within
Pour Love in every way
Without hesitation
Without Fear
As His hand
Always Pulls us near

I return and with this hello, I Begin Again but I am really tired and my mind is not very focused at the moment so brave the following at your own choosing. 

I noticed that I have said repeatedly here that I AM protected but I want to explain more and hope you can also come to find your own way of coming to such a place.

Protected when I seem to go through so much, when I am so fatigued most often and can barely write? Go on…read on.

In my own Belief, the greater the trials, the greater His purpose is for one….We shall see.

I AM not fully confident in the fact that I AM indeed protected by Him as well, I AM in no way more special than any other nor more Worthy of such that would be Blessed by His attention but in many ways, I DO Believe that God has my back as He always has.

I say that I AM protected as it would be the greatest honor to be held so guardedly in the only arms that I found that could save not only me but any of us in the moment we indeed call on Him.

So many of us think that we can live a life according to our own ways and choices without any repurcussions or consequences to the actions that we take. We are a society that has shed the greatness of the gift that he had offered us, the Promise that remains held out within the palm of His Hand and Only His Hand, no other.

Luke 18:19
“And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God.”
King James Version (KJV)

The above quote by Jesus himself would not even invite the idea that He himself was any good, was anything that was as great as the Light that is The Father, God.

God knows that we here in this human experience are far lesser capable at being pure and being without wrong-doing in any way as per His Commandments and instructons in most ways. He knew that the obstacles and the temptations here would be such that many of us would not return to Him, just as He knew very much the games that lucifer and such would play to sway us away from Him.

This is not to say that we should live in such a way that we do not strive to be our closest to Christ-self as possible, but it is to say also that it is an impossible feat to think that we could ever be in any comparison to Chirst as he was born of the Holy Spirit.

“The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. Therefore, the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God.” (Luke 1:35)

‘That is as pure as one can get outisde God of course.

I have written before that we are extensions of God, that He is Within all of us and I still Believe this in some ways but I know now that there is a path to such and that is through much more and for many it has become a term that only feeds one’s ego instead. I Have written of such in God living through us before but I will admit fully my wrong in being led away from His Truth in that He starts Within Us by our opening the door which is our wanting and yearining, our reaching out for, ASKING, SEEKING as it is said, and gathering more and more the pieces to answer who excatly God Is.

and again as it is said by Christ “I am the way…no one comes to God but through me” (John 14:6), we are to LIVE in such a way that we strive to be as close to who Chirst was even if one does not Believe as it only serves our own greater good as well in living from the depths of our heart through love, through truth, through denying our own flesh driven desires.

God is truly who we make Him to be, outside His Word, Outside His Truth. We, in this world can put meaning to any and everything as we see fit and this includes God. Our meanings are t ruly derived from who we see ourselves being in many ways I Believe.

It is the one’s that break through the hold of these worldly ways and pressures, fleshy desires, break through the hold of the dark in our lives and FORCE FOCUS upon that which is truly His Light, that FIND HIM and come to KNOW HIM in all His Truth and yes become saved and in turn save others.

I have not wanted to save any other as I have felt I would fail as I Feel I had in my past relationships and such, so I wanted no so-called responsibility. It is not a burden, truly, as we are merely to be messengers of His Truth. He already has the way and the path, it is up to all who Hear to truly hear and for those who see to truly see and for all to live their life according to the Good that Christ was deemed as, in a way as possible as one can which in turn is surrendering all that we think we are and all that we think we desire here in the way to be truly led.

The further I read, the deeper I AM brought to know God who allowed me this second chance, who allowed me to experience not only His love in full but the blessings that come from such and I AM still learning and amateur at best to say the least.

It was only by His hand that I was given this 2nd chance, having had the opoortunity to have my kids and be loved as well as hated by them (each is a blessing), to extend my hand out in love and give all I had to give in such only for it to combust to flame and torch out the rest of me that remained…but in-so doing, I was given opportunity to do as I learned through Him and Rise and Rise again and LOVE no matter and always no matter how much it can hurt.

NOT without Him ever did I come to any Good in my life and I own this now. It was always because of the LORD’s ability and Grace to Forgive Me and allow me further this walk that I Am here today and in a place where I FEEL very little fear, outside foolish worldly anxieties that may be ridiculous at times, but more-so I Fear the LORD himself as we akk should as He has is the one and the only to allow us into His kingdom or to send us to true death for always Ha!

When I say that I AM protected, it is a way that I consistently remind myself I suppose of the Promise that HE has for me in Knowing and Trusting and Believing Fully in Him…IN SRRENDERING all that is this life for me to Him, I AM sure to find my way into His kindgom.

I FEEL His presence and His protection the more I call to Him, the more I want to KNOW Him and have him over my life and I feel His Promise the more I do Let Him In.
No one truly knows how God will decide for each and every one of us our way of being Worthy of coming softly into what shall be the happiest home. In reading the Bible, one will see that while in many ways, His ways are obvious as per the actions and choices of others, in some instances, it seems as if His decision for our life is based on no pre-set qualifying list. Also in reading, the men He chose to serve were what many would say sinners, completely broken, etc. but He still found them Worthy for His Cause and many (I have read so far) have proven Him right far beyond His choosing them.

The biggest determining factor I have found so far is to BELIEVE and to TRUST and DENY ONE’s SELF Entirely. We must open ourselves to become who HE wants us to be and in so-doing, we are malable such as the clay that only HIS hands are to form. We are to surrender all that we deem our way, the way, to HIS Way and Only His Way.

This has never been easy for me, but I AM finally there again or so-I think I Am.
All in all, those protected are those who surrender to HIM, who no longer resist His call nor His ways and silence the wordly pleas for one to walk or be a certain way.

We are to only hear His voice and Walk the steps that He has set before us.
Then again, I think we each have a different set point as to such, as it truly is God who knows best that which is our Pure Heart not this wordly creation that can be so bring us so lost in the mind waves of deceit.

Well, I notice I AM kind of going off on a confusing rant or such so will end here for now.

I AM trying to share something but my eyes are already letting out. My glasses have not arrived yet so the typical blurriness and overwhelming fatigue has kicked on in. So…time to shift my focus for a bit towards this house or getting my son to watch a movie with me finally! 😉 … and in resting again and waiting for My LORD to call me on here again.

I truly Pray that my glasses remedy this whole problem as I miss writing. I truly do.
Maybe later tonight I will return (we all know how that goes) but we shall see.



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