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Well, my day of rambling continues for now…here are some more scratchbook etchings.

This world has torn me
Broken me
Pulled me apart
Spun me round
Chewed me up and spit me out
and I AM to take the rage
Blow out any focus from what has been its sick ways

as that is what I have always done
this is what I have been called for
all of us truly
yet, only so many Listen
and take steps
to adhere
as so many rather fall
rather keep theirself shackled and held on back
as the fear of pain is much more than the comforts of torment already present
as they have truly forgotten the truth that IS HOME
so here they find that small comfort
in not having to reach for
not having to look for
not having to call to
strive for walk towards
or cry for
as to admit any vulnerability
any weakness
any resistance inside
as all is just too much to handle
in the face of what could always be sweet surrender

I mean, how can one accept Sweet surrender
When every part of them is on fire?
When they know not the depths of the Glow
that pours and feeds and Grows
the ELIXIR that truly is YOU
so, to what is unknown
Fear takes hold
All doors slammed closed

No one really wants to touch the flame
most everyone wants to only light the match and run away
Feel its warmth and play
without respecting the ways in which the flame can die out or grow
no one really wants to set the breath
spark the beat
ignite the very wave
be the start of any RISE
in the momentum to bring about POSITIVE change
as there is far too much fear
that one shall be burnt again
all the while we carry on only digging our own graves
for a life not lived just merely survived
numbing ourselves to the forces of each day
in a life gifted
only to grasp and throw to a fire of demise

It is Within the Ashes that we Rise
It was Within the Ashes that I found my way again
By Lighted Torch in hand
My Eyes Opened Wider
and in an instant
I was able to take the hand of Spirit
take the hand of My Lord
Begin Again
though much all of who I was
cleaned swept
thrown on the path
to begin again
Maybe not in the ways I had once come to know
Maybe not the same comforts that had held me all along
Even at one point the devil’s own song
Maybe not the same faces nor Hearts I had learned to Embrace
Maybe not the same Hearts I in my demise had thrown away

It was Within Me all along
the Rhythm
the Beat
the Everlasting Melodic-a-lly Flowing Melody
the blood rush
and pouring Life Elixir
Spoon Fed By HE
The Greatest Gift I thought I had lost
and grew to no longer want
nor need
Blessed I BE
Fallen right into the arms Of God
My Dream

To come to that place where I laid myself to rest
eyes closed
Heart continuing to Beat on through my chest
My lips clasped together closed
No voice from me arose
My pigment lightning as each day longer grew
the LIGHT meshed
the LiGHT Meshed
Dancing forever in My Spirit
Dancing forever in My Beingness
Between Space and this World
Between Heaven and this Dark Realm that oftentimes reeks
of shi*

I came to that place
a garden full of flowers in bloom
forced to look upon
not ever look away
the Beauty I had to let consume me whole
all the words I had laid out across the many walls of my mind
for years to come came into play
The LORD had heard my prayers
and allowed me part Creator of what was to be my return
from the many walls of my heart
the words that spoke of the fullness of life
the fullness I sought, the fullness I knew would one day be mine
words that spoke of love as the pure truth that I always sought
love that is mine already as in that space I finally knew
the words that Created in Me the Space
I came to that night all those 20 years ago
to meet my maker
for HIM to reveal Himself to me
as I had called
I had long Dreamed
I wanted HIM
to Remind me
of what I truly already knew
To remind me of the language I thought I could not decipher
the language of His Love that walked hand in hand with me
Love that was Forever Present and True

Risen Up
Within a Realm all My Own
Painted as the most beautiful sky to adore
With Starscapes and Kisses of Dew
With my whole self
not a broken piece
not even a slither gone array
The place where I finally knew
We may be walking within the halls of hell
But not without Him
as we find our way
as we come to that place where our Heart Reminds us of Our Childhood Dreams
where our Heart reminds us of His Presence in every Flowing Rhythm
Every Beat
as we come to that place where we finally recall fully HIS FACE
and yes,
Our Truth
that we are truly ok
we are truly worth every piece of greatness that we call fate
we are truly worthy of the greatest Love that will stand by our side here
until we come on through that door to Home again
until we come to that place that at one time we had only thought was a childhood dream

With Love We Carry On,

Ok…Inspired again by Xavier Rudd’s Spirit Bird

Raining down on me
The Essence of Life full complete
Raining down on me
Light that shines so bright
Love that has washed away all dark that tried to force my eyes to sleep
Love that has consistently strummed instruments that would direct me HOME
Raining down on me
The stars in the sky
Raining down on me
The songs of birds
The Floating of petals and the Softness of Peace
Raining down on me
This Miracle
This Heavenly Tone
This Deepened Softness of HIS HAND in MY OWN

With Love,




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