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This Remains

My glasses finally came in!

Ok…I started this and now in posting, I AM not sure where it ends =, comes together, or separates, so welcome to Life of Me. 🙂

Maybe you will figure it out enough.


I Am calling to a place only He treads to go near
That place that only He can go Within and Remedy, Cure, Repair
The place only HE can Heal and Soothe, Comfort, and Dispel
Of all that brings us to misery

I call to He
Creator of all
Creator of Love
and Song
Creator of the Rhythm
Rhythm in this Heart when connected to Him can lead me no wrong

I call He today
From a place of weakness that has only begun to be dispelled
This place of desolation
This place of isolation
This place of dark and hallways of tears
Now sparked to flame slowly this dark begins to burn

I call He today
The One
The Only
Who parted the Ocean to make way
Who hung upon the cross till death and arose the 3rd day
and so many Believe it was the nails that held the strength
Keeping Him in place
but the Power only ever existed in His Love
for not only Me but each of us

I write wrong here I know
I know that I AM not up to speed with all that is Truth
Nor, do I say the right words Biblically
but I AM here
and I AM trying
which so many more should be willing to do their part in declaring
That which was and has been the Gift he had given to set us free

I call out
and I ask for Rain
that is the symphony from which I AM worthy and shall let in
The Rain of His Truth
The Rain of that which is His word and only His word
as all other words spoken in this world have been mostly of deceit, lies, and sin

I call out
and I ask for RAIN
Rain Blessed of what are only His ways
Rain Blessed of Miracles and True separation of dark from that which is in any way attempting to suffocate out His flame
There are no places to turn
Nor any to hide
from what shall be His Rain and the Great Defeat of all that in this world has brought forth and driven pain
There shall be no longer any shadow as all shall fall and His Light shall expose them all

I call out for Him
He who IS My LORD
He who IS gentle and merciful
yet, still so full of a wrath and power that so many should be trembling in fear
as if you think it is the darkness
the devil
evil in itself
that has any control
you are only fooling yourself
and I ask you to brace yourself and take hold

I, myself fear that I had gone too long again upon that which was the wrong path
A path to attempting to care for those outside the LIGHT that IS HIM
A path where I was led to Seek and contemplate ways that I could Create my own life and not have to wait

as IF I could so it better than He had done already for me?

A place where His power (though I did not think in terms like such as I never felt HIGHER than HE) is placed in my own hands to use at my own will in what I convinced myself was to help the world…
when I had been warned
2nd chance born
long ago
and I messed it up
or have I?
In time we shall all see
as soon
we will be presented the fullness of His Promise
the fullness of His Truth
The full Open Path to our greatest fear or to all that (for many of us) Seek

Pulled I AM more and more towards and Within the Light that is of my LORD. I Am not here writing to spread fear or direct your Beliefs and such as again I Have said, it is Within You what you are going to do with or without my words. God already knows Your Heart.

That is where my focus will be today as in how I live since my injury, I have a tendency to think that all FEEL and treat others just as I do. I Am in no way Perfect nor am I close to the Perfection in any way that God calls for.

In reading further, I understand now that in no way is every Heart the same. I mean, I knew this, but in reading such I guess my understanding went Deeper.
This verse brings me to understand more of what took place in my life with my traumatic injury:

“Ezekiel 36:26 – A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.”

Again, this comes to me being reborn again all those 20 years ago but having been at that time, I know now that my rebirth was not one of clearing my path for My Walk beyond His pearly gates but one that My Old Self had to die…My Old Heart as it had been contaminated, broken far too much, became filled with toxicity.

So, as I like to say that My Heart remains the same…I can now fuly understand that in Fullness of who I was prior, it does not, and honestly, I AM thankful for that. Such as this piece from the scriptures I know I asked for this to be so in every way as I cried out, even yelled, screamed, and cursed in my attempt to gain the attention of the LORD as I KNEW I was sick:

“Psalms 51:10 – Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”

To understand the memories of that Heart (which seemed they were allowed to remain) I have yet to fully understand the why there, but again I do FEEL it is in many ways to remember the good in some ways that was me in those past times. A good to fuel my walk forward I suppose. I also Believe my holding of some memories may have even helped those included in the memories as well…

in some way…maybe. We are not to know as we do not see the fullness of our reach, of our personal path. In any way, I do hope at least that much is true.
Again, there were old memories that lasted and also the knowing of Only The Good in others so as I could Walk Forward without hesitation such as I had so Deeply in the past.

Now…not everyone has to wind up on their death bed to rid that which is their hardening Heart, but those who come to Seek Him in their moment of despair and even bitterness and anger will be, in time, (with one’s continuance of Seeking and Desiring Connection with Him) will indeedn be stripped of all that does not serve them and is of the dark…they in fact will be born again with New Heart, New Softness, New path of Good and Blessings to Walk in knowing fully He remains by one’s side every moment in time.

Now this explains how my understanding has been off in Heart related matters. 😉

“Jeremiah 17:9 – The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

I think this goes hand in hand with again that open door theory or Truth maybe that I spoke of. Whatever we invite in and have no power in ridding its presence, we only welcome in further that world of dark, that world that is no doubt ruled by satan himself. Again also what we feed something, it truly becomes as well.

It is disheartening and hard to understand as some kids do some truly horrible things to others within this world and it is hard to swallow as well, they are supposed to be innocent children…the golden young I suppose.

Again though our environment, and the people we are most often involved with on the daily, have much power in influencing our thoughts IF we allow and well, many children are truly vulnerable as they have been broken down and even chipped away at by those closest to them already.

I honestly cannot explain all of it as some stories and cases seem so confusing as to the why, but again, when you think in terma of darkness and all its trickery tactics and abilities to pull one in, it can make so much sense as when one comes from a place of already having a vulnerable Heart, it can be very easy to sway them in to anything.

I now understand why it has seemed that since my injury, my Heart had only grown stronger. Sure, I have had symptoms and worries as my dad is a Heart patient, but I have witnessed and continue to witness the power in this Heart of mind which is only so because I was given that chance by Him, to be put to rest in my dark state and Born New in this Heart of mine.


“1 Samuel 16:7 – But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.”

I suppose this is why I AM so Heart focused since my injury as I do know that this is Truly His, Our LORD, God’s focus in many upon us and our walk. As I have learned, there is no excuse to not coming to Seek and Know Him. There is no reason for one to say that they have not found the LORD as He remains always near and is only awaiting upon each and every call as that boundary was set all those years ago which in turn gave us the gift of Free Will.

So, tap in and Listen more but too, direct those Hearts of yours by Reading more of HIS WORD as that in itself will bring Guidance and a boundary to one’s Heart of where to it needs to focus which is upon Loving The LORD.

““The Lord your God will circumcise your hearts and the hearts of your descendants, so that you may love him with all your heart and with all your soul, and live.” – Deuteronomy 30:6”

There is so much more that goes way Deeper to explain in al of this but again, it is for you to find in Reading His Word as it was meant for you. I see in the above as per my own experience as I was so pulled in and being suffocated by the darkness I allowed in while also turning more and more away from calling to and SEEKING Him that in only His intervening and circumsizing My Heart Himself, I would survive and have…but of course not the same and forever changed but in His Light for what this whole Creation was made for..His Plan and His Plan Only.

It comes off as controlling and even narcisstic to some of a god as some say that wants all control, wants all of our love and such…but when you understand the deeper meaning of it all and the how we came to this and the why…it all becomes apparrent that it is not about control at all but rather Loving us and wanting to keep us out of the hands of the hands of lucifer whose only intent is upon defeating us and bringing us to our full true death.

Well, those are my thoughts today I suppose.

The more that falls away, the more that one’s Heart is exposed. It is strengthened IF ONE ALLOWS through the trials and the pain their path throws at them, it is strengthened the more one sees through and defeats the attempts of the dark to take one down by again Turning to and Focusing on HE who already defeated satan long ago.

It is all in what we allow, in what door we open ourselves to.

What door stands before you? Will you open it? Do you even know what lies behind the door present before you?

In focusing on Him, the LORD, God, you bring about a domino effect of doors that only stand and fall for your greater good. There will be pain, there will be trials that continue of course, but in Focusing HOME where we truly belong which is Within His Kingdom and yes, we are all worthy when we allow our Hearts and Focus to be killed off and reborn.

Love, Love, Love,


The more and more that falls away in one’s life, the more they are called to find that Love not only within their self but through Him. The path before each of us works in perfection by His hand though many circumstances some may beg to differ. If one wa sto see the end and the full stretch of the path laid out before them, they would have no question as to why it played out as it had. Sometimes certain people pr things are not right either for all one’s life or for a certain timing, sometimes maybe even coming in full at another time that is perfect to the Pure Heart. Sometimes there are worse things that come up that we in living another Trial avoid completely what may had been our true and full demise. You never know.

Keep Focus. Keep Love. Keep Allowing for Pure Heart


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