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To Gaze

For Now, For This Moment, For Today…Be Inspired.

I AM pulled out to the waters, Steady and Heavy my knees do fall, my head lowered Deep within and Bedewed in the Essence of all that quenches this thirst that has been calling Me Home. In this Moment, I Feel the release of all that is impure, all that has rained down on me, attempted to tear apart me, scar. I Feel the release of all that has harmed me, all that has hurt, all that is what I felt as pain lingering near and afar.

I AM pulled by His hand, (Blessed in mine) rests Together in mine, with Hope that IS Now foreseen, planned. Now Sings a Hope that is Instilled Within us all by Grace that Only He can bring Home and to all that is of this land.

I AM pulled as a shell buried from under sand, delicate and Beautiful, chiseled out and polished, purified and washed of all the filth and harshness that had attempted to damage and lead me to only decay.

I AM pulled and only in this moment do I Feel no hesistation to go, to Walk with ease, and In His Love,Flow for, I have been called and it is He who only knows, the path I lead and the Longing of this world as We Seek, to break down walls and Grasp finally Beauty we all can Breathe.

I AM pulled and bathed in Crimson Light, Golden Tones, His Life Long Delight. He caresses and dissipates My sores, removes all dark that hid on in, takes me up and Delivers Me as Only By His Hand can I be Washed of Sin and Made New Once Again.

I AM pulled as I have chosen Love. I have Chosen to Lead My Life in a way that I can Feel all the more Connected to what so many deem as only coming from above…when in fact, we are surrounded Within and Throughout the Greatest Love when we build no walls made of disbelief, doubt, anger, and hate.

For, We Are Free and Are made of all that IS Possibility, Stories Forever Becoming all the more Radiant to each of us Blooming in such ways that Fire Us Up and Warm us as finally we only see the benefit in what has been that Inner Burn, no longer just something to be feared, pain stirred.

Now here we are, all Pulled and Guided Deeper, Guided Further and in all that IS Truth, Bringing Us To only Flourish and leading Us to further Hold Trust in every step before Us as we learn to Better and Hold Our Gaze…for Upon Him, there is only to come the best in what shall be the Beginning of Euphoria in all ways, Days Within the confines of Bliss, Days of Freedom and Light in all that Trult IS His Pureness.

I just returned from gathering some groceries after not leaving my house for 2 days. It was nice to just remain home and chill and not worry about doing much of anything.

I, just as we all need to, need to Force Our Gaze, Our Focus onto Better. I have said it is up to Him to bring about Better Days or strip us entirely of any possibility outside the plan from the dark but I Believe and shall continue to of what is for all our Greater Good. I Believe there is more Good in this world than bad and I see more and more being brought out into the Light Now and it all keeps adding for me that Truly We Are in Good Hands, His Hands.

There is a lot of difference of opinion and such right NOW on current events and such but I AM led to Trust in the Better in it all and I will Always Focus there. I may have my moments as we all do, but we are to Hold Focus on God the Father and Sync Our Own Heart in that direction as well.

No Fear of these worldly things friends. Focus Home, On Him Always in all things, in all days, in all moments.

Mark 11:23
King James Version
23 “For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

My Love Remains,


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