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Keep On Pouring

I keep trying to shift my writings away from God but He has a hold on me so I hope you find His hold on you as well.


Empty this Heart
Cause a Flood
Wash up the earth
and all that has been dirt and dust

evil and dark

foreign and out of control

This earth
Drench it on down
empty it out
clear and fluid
the Rhythm of Beats United
on into Surrender
Rhythm of Beats
Sparking Alive
Opening Eyes
To His Light

The ways of this earth
up for Change
Such that begins at the Rise of the Tides
Such as the flame begins from first strike of a match

Here we stand
Beginning Eternal Light
as of
witnessing darkness’ end
end to silencing of Heavinly Father’s Hyms
for, there is no Life from the god of lies
there is no blessing
nor everlasting gift
only desolate eyes
desolate skies
the end

So…I AM Inspired today it seems so back at this wall, at this page of sorts to share some thoughts and Bring To Life the Power He, the LORD sends on through.

It comes and goes in waves I tell ya and I know it reigns true for most all as the same. We are delicate yet very resilient creatures here in this form as long as we understand the True Core of who we are and LISTEN time and time again to Rhythm In Bloom, Heartbeats Synced (with His Own) that Seek only bring us closer to Him, Home.

Now…yes, we must be careful with the wants of the Heart as it can stir us wrong just as that power seeking mind that attempts to overrule all. We are not to seek control nor give control to anything that is of this world. We are to look to Him alone and allow Him to work the ways, our path, our walk in life.

The Heart such as I say the mind, can go two directions and again, it is WITHIN how much we focus and what and how we feed it.

The main piece (and I will keep repeating such) is to SEEK to know and have a relationship with God, the Heavenly Father, the LORD. If you have such, there is no worry, there is no not knowing what to do in any moment of one’s life as well, all just kind of Flows on together in perfect unison and pace even if there are moments of pain, of loss, and of chaos. One gains a certain Peace about them when they fully Seek and Connect.

If there is any control that we must have, that is control over our mind as well as our Heart but it is not US who controls such parts, as all must be placed Within the Father God’s hands alone. It is up to us to Let Go of wanting any control and allow Him and that is our work. I learned that very suddenly and deeply with my injury but again, one can just Seek and Find Him and come to that place of trust without such tragedy.

In that…WE GIVE UP CONTROL and that is a must, a definitive have-to. Giving up control heightens our lack of importance upon wordly things as we form a Deep Trust in Knowing Him.

There is no other nor better way to WALK this path that we have before us than to Know and Place Trust outside of our self here in the only one that has our best interest at Heart and always has. Some may argue this with those who have died and the ways they had and such. Some may argue when it comes to wars here and loss and traumas that have occurred but again…these are all part of this wordly system, part of darks reign, part of Our Walk to build ourselves up to withstand that space waiting for us.

It sounds crazy for many and some would suggest that it is evil to have us all go through such things, but again, it is not all God. God may allow some things to take place or spirits to cross your path when we refuse to listen, when we keep doing the wrongs that we are doing but for starters, we made the choice, we continued despite the dark and despite the wrong of it all, so God may step in but the Choice is Always left to us to make to break the cycle.

We as humans get impatient, we get bored, and we get stuck in moments of fear and anxiety and yes, anger. At times many of us get jealous of what appears to be the lives of others going in perfect flow compared to our own but again…we do not know nor see what our whole path is which is CHOSEN only by He, the LORD. We do not know what He has in sight for us nor the obstacles He is working for us to avoid but only those who Listen will walk a clear path by His whisper, many humans in our ways of this world will attempt to pave our own way even if we have to fight or attempt to flee in order to do-so.

I have come to fully Believe and I Feel I Know that this life is not for us in any way to just enjoy and attain all that we want. Sure, there Can Be some things here that can be quite joyous and loving in nature and of benefit but we are here for His greater purpose.

This life has been a gift, so we already have all that we could ever want for but here in this realm we get caught up in Believing that there is so much more as well, that is the selling point here of the dark. We are brought to Believing that we will never be enough as we are, that we have been let go and abandoned, in many ways completely forgotten by Him.

It can be very easy to FEEL any of these things as well, this is life and too, we are not HOME during our time here so like an addict does or the majority hurting, we attempt to fill the void with something, anything, good or bad just to rid the Feeling of lack even if just for a moment. But…the key is in FEELING it all and Facing it all and moving THROUGH It ALL.

Our time here is to build ourself up to the place that we can withstand our better good, that place for us Within His Kingdom. This so deeply makes sense to me as I was one who truly could not take anything in my life being as I thought, “too good, too perfect, too loving, too nice…as I had to find a way to sabotage it and I now know this is a common thing for many.

Some may think that having good things and an overflow of Love pouring over us at any moment that it would be easy to take, but it is not, especially here in this form with this mind of ours and also that which is our Heart. The overwhelm can be excruciating for one not ready and not built to withstand the pouring in. More Importantly is the case when we Build Our Connectin, Our Relationship with God as the more we reach for and seek him intently and consistently, we continue to grow stronger and Feel His Flood In Us.

It should be apparent for the world as to our sole purpose here as a whole but of course it is not as we are all the same but very different as well in our ways of living and thinking and Believing as well as all the steps we have already walked on the paths before us.

I do not have all the arguments nor debates as I said before, I Am not a debator but to me, (outside what I learned through the tragedy of my injury and death) I have always had that yearning and that KNOWING in me that this place Is NOT IT.

Maybe that is just me, but with so much destruction and loss that this world has held throughout all of our lives, how can any one want to accomplish much of anything here that is of this world alone? I mean, NOTHING here goes with us, nothing here remains, even in many ways a second after we gain it.

Why have we as a world placed so much weight on money, looks, careers, and even fears? So much worth to what is one’s assets and cars they drive, home they own, and placing so much importance in how others FEEL about one before we even dare to look at or accept them?

As far as I AM concerened, Love is all that matters as well as our relationship to God. You can gain all you want in this life but the two hardest things I have lived are keeping faith as well as holding onto love when most anything can be so unforgiving and unloving in itself.

Petty things remain the focus of too many here but I see and FEEL more and more waking towards better and Opening LOVE Within their Hearts.

Although it took a tragedy to awaken me, it should not take a tragedy like 9 11 here to bring us all together (for a moment) in full understanding and knowing that we are in no way separate but here as one with one sole purpose and mission and that is to Open the minds of all, the Hearts as well, to the Grace that is His and return Home. To REMIND all just as I was remidned all those years ago and give them that opportunity to KNOW and CHOOSE Right from wrong. To Choose Love over Hate and to Believe and Follow the ONE who gave all for each and every one of us.

You can call it a fairytale but I would rather Believe in the Fairytale then come to my end and only have the hand of dark to bring me on down. It is proven that positive focus brings about more positive in life in general so what are so many afraid of in calling His name? I say they are afraid to truly see Him as they are ashamed of who they have been as deep inside, we all remember, we just bury it and lose sight of that knowing with all this dark brings us here.

We FEEL Unworthy and Not Good Enough honestly. We FEEL we can never accomplish to smash those goal posts we think He has placed especially in comparing ourselves to Jesus, though what Jesus gave was to make that impossible feat not a requirement.

We think that we are incapable of silencing the war in our minds and the destruction of the insruments within our Hearts. We FEEL that He is just like the hating and judging humans we have been surrounded with here but that is what is far from true. Yes, God was pretty focused on punishment and such early on but came Jesus and that all shifted In His Name for us all.

The quest is simple in that We Allow it To Be and we Allow Him to Lead us. Lift Yourself Up and find a way, any way, to just Believe in something beyond what you see here. 1st step is to rid that fear of what so many deem the unknown. All is known, we just have turned our connection off from such as well, that is the test of this world…now defeat it and shed this world’s hold completely.

Such can be done without dying. Quit Believing all that you think you can see and close your eyes to this world instead. Honestly everything you see here is a lie, so just go from there. Pray and ask Him more and more for Open Eyes to truly See and Ears to Truly Hear and in the meantime do not make anything too important.

LISTEN to the Beats of your Heart in the moments that you allow yourself to come rest on your knees and Pray, Just Pray. Prayer Is Key. No matter what way or how you choose to come to Him, just speak, just cry, just call on Him and POUR OUT To Him and even if you do not get a response you deem good enough, you keep doing it over and over, day in and day out and meanwhile, you Focus more on Him then the illusions of your life and you will start to notice shifts and His answer coming to you in full.

Come to that place where you face all that you fear instead, not so much the ridiculous fears of things in this world but FACING HE that awaits you, that gave you first Breath. Yes, we are to fear Him in our choosing to keep living the wrong way or not listening and turning away from Him (and turning towards the god of darkness, the god of lies and trusting in him) as we are here to HOLD Our light and POUR it over this earth and its people, we are here to build ourself all the more stronger to endure eternal life in what is magnificent Light.

You Fear knowing the LORD for the wrong reasons as your fear stems from You Truly already KNOWING and Remembering and You Know…we just get caught up in Believing that we have let go too much, got lost too many times, sinned too often, enjoyed the so-called joys of this dark world, and hurt far too much to even care about what His so-called Promise Is as this world is hell-like already.

We Fear being judged as we have failed to live according to His Promise. We fear facing Him in the Belief that we will never be forgiven so many have taken what they Feel is easier and that is f=turning towards and facing their dark as well, of course the dark is accepting and says nothing about your wrongs as its whole purpose is to turn you away from God. The god of dark, the god of lies fell and has no other chance so why would he not want to bring you down as well?

“Ephesians 4:32 – And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”

Forgive all others who have wronged and hurt you as only in that do you come to that small piece of Christ-like being. It is because of Christ we have been forgiven of our sinful nature at all. We must be aware and acknowledge our faults and mistakes and call on Him to repent as then we continue that relationship with God and He Knows further the intent of Our Heart outside the failures in this human form, inside what is dark’s realm. Well, He knows all already but again, This is Our Work Here to Rise Above this Human Mind, Body, Life. This is our game of choose your nest move and it is truly up to us.

“Colossians 3:13 – Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.”

Having that Softness and Understanding of all our ills and pains in this life, our suffering in general, we gain a certain place of patience that continues to grow Within us and walks along with us our path towards Home. We are not alone in our suffeeing as we all suffer here and He walks with us every step of the way though only those who Seek Him will truly Find and Know this.

In holding blame and anger and not forgiving any other of what they have done to you only hinders your own path, stifles your walk, and destroys your chance to making it Home Whole, Pure, Unscaffed, and in a way that we are welcomed beyond His gates.

A lot has happened in my life and I have many people I could hold that place of hate towards and let it build. I can hold an anger in me that floods my own world with a fire so fierce that everything would be destroyed and no other would be able to come near to harm me, but again, this focus only builds as well and in that more would find their way in somehow and even God would allow some in as to my holding such flames and focus.

It all comes full circle (you reap what you sow) in some way and it will always be one who either gains or loses due to such that has been their ways. You cannot look at fame or money or worldly things in the same way when you come to that shift as when you know, you know. To gain here of what is of here, is not our purpose nor our mission, nor of what will be taken with us when we leave this place.

No matter what you Believe, I do not understand why any person would want to live a life without dignity and in Truth and of the Light. The days I was meshing with the dark, I fell to a deep sickness of myself. I disgusted myself honestly.
I see this in a lot that have sold their souls, but some have not had the strength to admit nor overcome as I Believe they 1. never called to God and 2. may or may not have been clean from the start or 3. have been so caught up in the ways of this world that they are programmed outside anything that is of His Light so they remain lost.

Honestly many fail to realise their own true Strength to make itthrough it all as they never Seek to know Him as that is our way of coming to KNOWING our own strength fully as well.

I Believe we come here innocent and of Pure Light but again, some things have made me question I admit. It is a great and at time very torturous and tiring test here and it is up to us to stand strong and not allow ourself to remain in deep slumber throughout our days.

This realm is Deep and Torturous and Stron but ONLY when we allow it to be by giving up our own Strength and Light. For those who hold steady and strong, God’s hand remains awaiting always your grasp to Endure for His will which will come through for your best.
The Choice is Always Yours.

With Love,

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