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Another Day to Hold

Droplets of dew, splash on down and shift on out, forming the miracle that we came to be. Dew from the breath that was released into and on through the creation that we came to be, in Innocence, In all that is Pure and Beautiful, Free.

Thrown to a world of dark just as a baby bird pushed to the ledge to open wings and take flight with all the trust in the miracle that all will work out just fine, perfect in rhythm and perfect in the becoming that nature always moves towards and awakens to.

So, here we are, and this path has been tumultuous and hard, it has left us shaky at the knees with eyes squinting almost to shut as no more can one bare the harshness that has been reality.

Here we are and called to dance when no music is playing it seems, called to dance when our heart only lingers on a beat that never fully came to be.
Here we are called to dance and this mind only repeats a wave of demands as such to keep us distracted and well, safe, as without us, the brain will surely die.

Here we are called to dance when all we yearn for seems like it had gone long past. Called to dance when the waves of life have wiped us out and left no such vision in us to any longer seek what is loving, what is happy, what is right.

Here we are in a world that not so much calls us to dance but declares war, placing images within our heads of the end of days, the stop to any path that could lead to any better, any light.


All along, we have continuously buried and let go of the one song and broken the switch to that which is His greatest Light. All along we had become all to carefree in thinking that this life, this moment here would last forever and a day long.

All to ignorant in feeling so pained and burnt and wronged that we knew nothing else, truly allowed nothing else to be known as we only come to fear what is deemed the end and grow inside of us a sad reaching for the pain that had brought us our only comfort for so many years as we wandered lost and forgetful and without connection to our knowing that all we ever had to do was call Him, God, Our Lord on out.

We have struggled and we have suffered in the worst of ways though we long forgot that this world was never truly for our Pure Bliss anyways. We long forgot that this moment right here and now serves a greater purpose to the story that is to unfold and the greater purpose He, Our God had set for us at our moment of Creation, Our Moment of Birth.

We long forgot that it was not our own self that suffered first nor was it our own self that was hated and first, and while so many choose to ridicule and disregard the message held within, the truth that with only a simple focus of Openess and Vulnerability that we come to know ourself as in a single moment it is that Spark that Opens Doors again and Reminds one with memory.

Hey there all.

I have not checked how long it had been since my last share but Here I AM again. It had been a busy week for me so as with added stress, my mind times out and I tend to lose track and forget.

Sleep deprivation was a part as well as I had to do my sleep study on Tuesdy which I barely slept, or at least recall not really sleeping much at all. I went in tired but that all shifted once lights were turned out and it was time for all to go rest for the night. Hopefully it is just a memory thing and I slept more than I can recall so as the study went good enough for me…but we shall see I suppose.
It was not fun that is all I will say about that. Ha!

Now, I have been trying to recoup my lost hours and my daughter has been a live wire of energy and seeking my attention so that has been something for me to try and juggle.

Today I went to Hobby Lobby as my daughter is on one of her ADHD highs and ready to re-organize her room and build herself a headboard for her bed. Of course, we failed again going shopping as her and I combined typically forget to plan our purchases before we leave so we hardly ever buy all that we need.

In other news, LIFE is truly moving for me. Prayers are answered and of course, the Flood is now moving on in. You keep the focus, Belief, and Listening…bilding that relationship with The One.

My auxiliary benefits through the SSA will start next month so extra money wil surely be a Blessing. I received a portion of my backpay right before bed last night and I all of a sudden felt the need to check my account and was pleasantly surpised, though was expecting soon enough.

Now, I can secure more of my move closer to my sis most likely soon as today I paid off my loan to my car which was nice (one less payment to worry about) and will look good due to my not so good looking credit and tomorrow I will replace the tires and get the oil changed since the light came on a couple days ago and for my first time I am overdue.

Now…my daughter has been dragging me all over today and she is still on a high energy spike as she is painting a part of her headboard (that she is going to build) at the moment right here in my kitchen/bedroom as I did not want to go hang all cramped in her room with the cats and their fur.

I came home and was just ready to wind down and take my space but it was nice she made the choice to come in here to be near me. She just likes me being present though she tried to get me to paint many times but I just was not feeling the ability to be perfect in any way for her masterpiece.

Now, as she does, she destroyed the whole painting and now we, together, have taken the ruin and created something more appealing with it so she did get me to paint afterall…she wins but so did I.

Creation is unfinished but allowing it all to dry and tomorrow once I have rest, we shall start again.

I am still a little off as I share here. Not up to speed, nor flow as I wish for but Life Is Moving and that is all I can ask for at this moment. I have a good Feeling about things to come, whatever way they may.

With Love,


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