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Returned home from picking up kids and trying to warm up as this place is coooold!
Hopefully the cold space explains my writing that poured out, but who knows. May just be the moment, may be the world itself in this moment?
Just gonna make a quick rambling share of whatever you wish to call this, shower to warm up, and to bed it is.

Come to me midnight
Lay me to sleep
Move on closer
Hold me
Just hold me, please
Warm me as I freeze
Calm my senses
Plant stars in my head
Vivid are the colors
Remains of the field of flowers you planted before
Magnificent Spread

do what you do
as my eyes close
breath slows
closer to you
Spin my mind
Start the reel
Display the life I once lived
Comfort me as I remember why all had to die
Including I
Now show the gifts of what is my now
Bring me to knowing all I have been bestowed
and how I am able to power on through the next day

Oh, Midnight
Turn my mind away from fading dreams
Dreams that continue to move further from me
As Time is closing in
I ask that you bleed it all out of me
I really do not want to feel it anymore
I just want to be this moment
I just want to breathe this time in
I just want to wash my head
Rinse it clean
Lay to rest
In Bed
Start again
With eyes anew
With heart pumping strongly
With Heaven SInging through me
Bringing Light to all untruth

Flood My Heart
Blood fill combust
Love numb drug
As Love is the best elixir
whether or not we want to Feel anyway
as for all that has been
all that Is
and all that we may await
none of it matters anyways
Ever are the dreams that shatter
Ever are the paths that break apart
Leading us the wrong way
All in hopes to derail our plans
Bury us in sorrow
Rise us stronger again
Open Heart
Unable to mend
Final score

you were there
always there
In all the ways I cracked
In all the ways I broke
In all the ways I failed
and continue to fail
To ever think it was hard before
When now I just want to stop
Prevent me again on the cusp of fall
Yet, a song plays
and as I listened
All along
Waves continued to rise
all continued to wash away
Never mattered anyhow

So, Midnight
Strike the match
Set me to flame
Enjoy the flicker all the same
Burn it all in my name
better yet,
In the name of any other worthier than I
For any other more deserving than I
Just take these last sparks
Let it heal the world’s pain
Warm all by strength of the flame
and I will never feel without
As I never had

Go ahead Midnight
As I will not resist
Nor fight back
As when I crack
When I break
It all feels the same
It all washes up and bleeds out
all part of some shadow spell
all part of how all burns to ash and still in some way becomes more
So, no worries midnight
Please, do stay
Enjoy, I say
Take up your feet
Dance away
Feel the warmth
Bright Lava Day-Glow
Set to Rid Of

watch me again
take your hand you ask
shall I be willing?
as thie is me
surviving another day
to Inspire A World of Dreamers to take hold
as I lay to rest
Head turned silent
World Stand by
and I only plead
Once more
Soften this Heart of mine as it is sore
Midnight Comfort
Hurt No More

With Love,




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