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Spastic Flow

Embraced is what I thought a curse
Now a shift in perspective
A Gift Instead
Love that falls from me
Such as leaves from trees
The moment I surrender to the shake
The moment I surrender to His plan
That which is My Fate

I Believe very much that in this life we are able to pave the paths that we so deeply Feel we want, that we are able to place across the lineage of all that is our dreams on into becoming very much this reality that we seek.

Placecards left in places to remind us, to keep our sight full, eyes forward, on the vision we truly had chosen, the vision that we held so close and etched within ourselves a pattern of hold close and let go, surrender, arms wide open all to hold what comes swooping as magnificent and true.

I Believe, I Do, that in many pieces, that which we Dream is that which is a gift from and a message from God as to His plan for us, as to where our next step can and possibly should be.

Not always, of course, does He speak to us and speak to us through what is our dreams, but is again, we LISTEN in the way that we Know His Voice, we may finally find our way IF again we are brave enough to walk the steps set before us.
Again as well, there is to be expected pain and loss and falling aways such as every step, every choice had set us up before.

Where we go wrong is attempting to carve out the very paths we thirst for so much with our own hands and with our eyes closed and our ears silenced.
There is a certain effort in this being human thing, but we are more of that which is spirit and love in our truest nature which again, speaks that we are not in full control of our path in any way. This can be a very hard thing for many of u sto come to accept and surrender oneself to.

Such as a hurricane or a tornado, we have no control over its path or how it will effect us or not. We are forced vulnerable (we have no other choice) to the coming of the storm. The speed at which it comes on through and the force that it exerts over all that is within its path is all up to nature in her own moment as well, that is her moment. It is up to us to prepare and well, to brace for impact and open to the path of starting over and building up again. It is up to us to Hold Faith and Believe that there is a greater hand at play over us all and that we are capable of making it through one way or another as thinking otherwise would only be the detriment to our survival in any way.

Well…got distracted by a phone call so moving on with the thoughts. 🙂
Today I did laundry AGAIN as my daughter has been helping go through and make more order in this place so finding packed away blankets and such that needed to be rewashed made me have to go on another laundro-mat trip. Moments of early day tuneage along the roadway which goes freely and without incident is always amazing and well, totally uplifting for me.

I think I want to buy some more of these rugs that I have bought for the home. I wish they were much more lower in cost but they do look awesome and the place looks that much more stylish and homely too.

OH my…I think my daughter and her spastic thnking and focus has rubbed off on me today unless again, I always write like this? lol

Now on to listening to, for KING & COUNTRY, AMEN. Surprisingly, not much came over my tuneage flow today that was God focused. So, LOVING this Breath at this moment. Making me want to just curl up in my warm bed and read more Deeply, His Word.

It is This Moment that I shall take and break it open to make it spill the Light, the Euphoric Rain, the Soft yet, full of strength that only grew.

I stand here Smiling, Mesmerized in all that Is Becoming, all that is Blooming, Petals Unfolding and Reaching for delicate hands and eyes with pools so pure.
I FEEL in this moment, the hands of Creation and the abolishment of all that has been dread and fear, I FEEL a comfort in knowing all that is to become TRUE as I know NOW that I AM right on time for what has been His plan all along.

and again…HAHA…a little all over the thought/attention place tonight.

What I returned to share here hours ago after my stop sign poetry session during my car ride home was this:

Soak Me in Dreams and Wash me out
Post me on up
Magnificent centerfold
Comparable now to the bright you have always been
Beautiful Raging Star
Sing to me
Will you please?

With breath taken in
Holder of the Light I become
Voice enhanced
No longer shall separation between this life and dreams be
all the Light I seek to share
appears too delicate to hold
Yet fragments assemble together
Force hold of my hand
Take my head back on down again
to quench a thirst I thought I never had

So quench me if you will
Bed of Fire
Face full of flames
Symphonic in nature
Hunger I do, for the splendor of the burn
all Within each HeartBeat
as Now I Know
I have come to find the essence that is the cure

Well, time to focus on sleep for now. Hopefully tomorrow is a more consistent focused day. 😉

With Love,


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