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Inspiring Roads

Thread me, piece by piece, sigh by sigh
Heartbeats that linger pulling me under
Yet, My Breath all that much Brighter
Depth so much Deeper
Embrace so much stronger

Sing to me please in all that I recall as perfection
Even now if your voice cracks, I will smile just the same
As threads
in the Breath that is your name
ever in the breath that has been my lullaby

Bring me to my knees
LORD of all Wonders across this Universe
It IS YOU that I Seek
Extended your hand
always to me
never forceably
you always have
returning again and again
such as rising tides
waiting for my heart to softly drop
steady its beats
play you a song
Inspiring Me
to reach towards you
Open Hand
My Own

Was planning on sharing more but these are my night ride ponderings for now as need to wind down and rest for tomorrow. Kids will be gone for a few days longer given the holiday and the upcoming weekend at their dad’s. I go to my sister’s in laws home tomorrow for Thanksgiving which I AM Thankful to be invited again though I Was planning on just remaining home but will join the fun I suppose.

I AM back and forth now on all of these holidays and such, but wish Joy to all of you.

With Love,




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