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(I forgot to actually share this last night so will do now before I share new.)

Desiderium comes and it goes

As soon as the autumn leaves turn


My mind drifts

My heart seems to skip beats

My eyes swell full of oceans rise

Melody sways

yet, never seems to stick

Love grows colder with no ember to tend

no flicker

no flame

not even a spark


Fragile I become

Soft to the touch




Undeniably down for what is defeat

As echos of the past

Memories that have long last

Of loss woven only once


Ingrained Within

the day I felt my brother abandoned me


Returned home I have and felt like writing some though not too much to say at this moment. My brother who past all those years ago has his birthday coming upon the 27th so FEELING it as poured from the above.

Anyways, Gathering today was nice with my sis, her husband, my niece and nephew and my sister’s in-laws. I will admit that while the day was pleasant enough, I AM having a moment in finding my way again.

I AM in my place taking this time to break my heart again. Well, it started on the drive home, I suppose with floods of thoughts of kids being gone, celebrating a holiday in the way again that I AM not used to I suppose, dang thoughts of tomorrow coming up, butturned the bass up more-so.

Well, I AM drained from my moment of going out and about and so leaving this short for tonight. Floods are coming in for some reason or another and I just want to rest.

I will add, that for me, my way of moving through my Feelings has always been writing, mostly poetic in the sense. This is not everyone’s way but has been mine and though deeply imperfect, I just write to write as a form of exprssion, of release.

To release is not always beautiful, it is usually quite ugly, messy, sloppy, but is needed to make way for more that IS of the LIGHT.

Dreams Laden with Love








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