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Falling IN

The spaces of this apartment
Open walls
Silence that stirs
Outside the repeated Reverie
Playing from record stacked player
just as smoke forms from candles
hirricane-like clouds
yet, odd enough
peace that floats

Spaces of this apartment
Holds close
Symphonies that echo
My Heart more Deeply Inspired
Flicker and Flame burning my fingers
causing them to release
to bend
flicker and flame walk me on through
gently again
dancing me to truth

Spaces of this apartment
Drenched in Prayer
Over and again
Each step I take
Brought I AM
Down to my knees
Yet, a hand reaches out
Tracing My Lips & Seeking My Breath
from which I AM lifted on up
Reminded again
Love has already won
Love that lines all spaces of this apartment
Love that continues to grow and flood all that is this world

Heavenly Branches with birds that stare
As my head thrusts forward
Hits the ground
In my moment of despair

Heavenly Branches with birds that stare
Witness tender fingers caress my hair
tender fingers caress my head

Heavenly Branches sing for me to lift my chin again
just as tender fingers trace my lips
pulling voice from me to sing on my own

Heavenly Branches with birds that stare
Observe the moment tender hand embraces my own
lifts me on up
bones and all
breath and all
life and all

Strumming together song again
Reminding me
Love has already Won
Love that fills the spaces of this apartment
Love that continues to wash all that is this earth

Hello again.

We may be here as part of a test as I like to call it, but we are not here to suffer. We are here to find and to know the love that is in us and to take such and create from it the elixir for which this world can truly be healed, for all to remember, and become new again.

We are here to Remember God and focus our Devotion Towards and our Belief in God, Yes, but also to return to knowing the full Tuth that is our own self. None of us greater than the other, all on a path to see again clear and pure, all on a path to return home to the Heavenly Father after mission, complete, full.

I must admit that I fell quite lonely yesterday upon my return home and it just keeps surprising me as Feeling lonely has been a distant Feeling for many, many, many years up to now. There is a reason for such I AM sure I will come to find the meaning soon enough…and sometimes, there is no meaning for us to realize at all as just another piece to etching out who we are and to be.

Custdody exchange has never been fully easy but yesterday, the ride home after my good Thanksgiving gathering flooded me with a staining that made such all the more real. Yesterday I was called to FEEL again Love’s presence, always here, God’s presence always near even if no other is around. Usually my solo car rides are Bliss but not yeaterday.

So, after rest, I awoke Feeling all the better today but with a list of to-do’s that honestly my mind never kept my attention too long to succeed upon.

My Heart was singing and I wanted more to just listen. I did not dance today, I did not sing, nor did I even hear a clear directive on what I truly needed to do today. Today, I just slept in, rested, and felt my way and NOW I AM here again.

Love Immersed I can no longer move, I can only sit right here FEELING it on in, knowing that the spaces of this apartment have truly been a God-send to etch out for me the path from which will be greatest for me. The world may be dark at this moment but God has other plans for me I Believe, even if that is merely directing me to share here.

This moment here is forcing me to finally release the reigns and allow my destiny on in, allow God’s purpose for me to expand and Begin Fully my consistent steps forward again. Time out is up and it is time to move, maybe not from this physical place at this time, but to move this Heart of mine, this focus, these feet of mine.

My apartment, in this moment, such like a cozy winter cabin, though no snow lays on the outer grounds. My apartment, a checkpoint, a one time stop, a one time moment, to nourish me and comfort me while keeping my kids and I safe as I Heal more from these past few years and welcome and Embrace of all that is Pure and True, all that is going to be my new Truth in this reality.

I AM called to allow Love (God) to lead me and for once Love to come to me and fully BLOOM if this reality holds for any further moments for me or if not, for me to return Home where I Truly Belong.

Of course I do not want to leave my kids, but I know not the paths set for each of us. If we can remain always together, that is my Dream, but honesly, I Believe that this world is up for the destruction of all that is and has been of the dark and shall be flooded by fire of His Light, mine and your Light, Blissful Paradise.

So, we need not know our own strength nor our true ability to not just live this life but bring about much of what we want, as there is power in letting go of all control. It is here where we find our great power Within this world. When we come to LOVING and walking these steps set before us we Embrace a more fulfilling path. As long as we Love right through it all, we will Be Inspired further to KNOW the presence of the LORD and to Embrace all we truly ARE and from there, the falling away becomes the falling inwards towards all that you are and to be.

All that we have lived so far to lose returns full force as more and more of your God-chosen path opens for you and you allow it to do-so.

With Love,


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