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Let me start here by saying that I AM very lost on where I AM with all of this blog/journaling thing here. Ha! Life of me…I think now it has been about 9 days since I shared last?? I fully Believed that I had returned to share since at least Christmas but it appears I have not.

Well, for now, with my kids having left for a weekend again, I guess I AM less distracted in my duties as a mom and am coming into the moment with being able to Look Out into Wonder and again become Inspired and Write in some way.

I just FEEL like penning a poem, or you can call it a rambling if you prefer. 😉

Meant To Be
Such as the depths of the sea
Forever washing waves up against who I AM
Who You Be.

Meant To Be
Waves in union
far from any way in-sync
grasping hold the hands of we

Meant To Be
bringing us down

Meant To Be
taking Our Breath

Meant To Be
holding us hostage

Meant To Be
drowning us completely

Meant To Be
all that we had been and are To Be
Every Moment
splitting us far for what felt eternity

Meant To Be
Drenched for what seemed a moment
Drenched and then we soared
Only to be lifted up and wrung on out
torched to the fire
set upright
told to walk again
Within and thereabout to Love
once our eyes too blind to see.

Meant To Be
This Rain that drizzles on down again
feet settled and calm in a moment of no pain
though toes refusing in this moment To Dance again
merely taking in the Peace of this moment
brought by what has become heavy lips lined in Crystallized Shine
Bright Droplet State of solemn shores
IS THIS the works of God
all that IS Divine?

Meant To Be
Broken Wide Open
all Within the space that is this song
Strummed Internally
For all the years we have strived forward
fell and broken
opened eyes
longed for one moment more
to come to and Be Embraced
Ocean Shores

Meant To Be
the times we idly sat by
the times we braved the magic of play
all Being the inscription we made amongst the waves
Pulling the ocean all the more close as we became the new Magnificent shore
laying out
sun bathed…perhaps
all the Beauty the waters fed to us Freely
Bellies becoming full spiritually

Meant To Be
all the more closer we were called to bring this Dream
even in the stretches of agonizing pain and head-spin
loss and fragility
NOW Finally
in This Moment
we no longer fear the fall
built on up to soldier on WE ARE
as we fear no longer the tumbling down
the Coming Waves
the Ocean Floors abruptly meeting Our Knees

Meant To Be
We Scream
and Dive In Full
Meant To Be
we Freely Leap
from Our Feet
Time and time again

Meant To Be
We Scream
We Fall
Leaping from the greatest of peaks
all carved out
Beauty Is All

Meant To Be
Eyes Can See

Meant To Be
As We Sing
As We Be
Each Spark We Breathe

Meant To Be
As We Dreamed
In This Moment
Allow It To Be

…and I AM tired… I went to edit and well, “that is not happening”, I told myself half way through. 😉

Hopefully I can catch up on here on this blog tomorrow as have an outing with the kiddos Sunday, so, we shall see.

Life has definitely sped up and all has been rushing on by. Have you taken notice at all?

All the more important it is for us to Focus Deep and Keep Love Nearest Always Our Side. Keep Love rolling off your tongue and filling the Ocean Pools of Your Eyes. Allow Love to appear as droplets upon your lips and extend out from each Breath, PURE as we continue to Scortch Open the pathway for Love to sweep this world in Light for all to Endure.



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